Length of program 4 years
Internships Mandatory, elective, extracurricular
Credits 240 ECTS
Modality On-site

Internships in Global Communication Management

External internships in companies or institutions are a key element of our training process. They represent a first direct contact for the student with the professional field where they can apply the knowledge they acquire at the university. They give the student a global vision of Communication and of the dynamics of operation of the media, company or institution where the student is doing the internship. At the same time, they also aid in beginning to build a network of professional contacts that in the future can help introduce them into the workplace. The university has an agreement with more than 1,200 companies where students can prepare to face the world of work.

Specific objective

The students must show their ability to integrate into a professional environment in order to complete their training by putting their skills to work for the host organization. This module is closely related to seminar VI, which provides an overview of the field of communication and the dynamics of the company which he/she has joined.


There are two types of external internships: curricular and extracurricular.

The curricular are those that form part of our plan of studies. Those which are compulsory are taken simultaneously with the VI seminar during the second semester of the third year. The teacher of seminar VI is the tutor who will supervise the evolution of the student during the internship and who will guide them during the whole process. In the company, students will also have a tutor appointed by the center who will supervise their learning.

Extracurricular internships are all others that the student can do voluntarily and that will not be part of the study plan despite the fact that they also have an exclusively educational purpose and that they, therefore, will appear in the European Supplement of the degree (SET). In all cases, the internships must be compatible with the student's university schedule. Internships may or may not be paid, depending on the company or institution.

At the following link you will find the program of the curricular internships.

The student also has the opportunity to do internships abroad through various agreements with companies and through programs such as Erasmus+.


The academic regulations of the university regulate the curricular and extracurricular practices in point 17.

Documents for the student

The tutor of the students of the university will provide the criteria to follow in order to pass the subject of internship and the parameters to elaborate the Internship report. Here you will find the guide for making the report.

How to apply for an internship?

You must fill out this form.

Companies offering internships 

  • Apartool
  • African Federation for Emergency Medicine
  • EADA
  • Expansoo
  • Interprofit
  • Just For Fun 360
  • Play the game Agency
  • Qnary
  • Pauta Media
  • Raventós I Blanc (can Sumoi)
  • Sampling Innovations Europe
  • Sistemes de Restauració de Catalunya
  • The Label Edition
  • The Rendon Group
  • Value Retail Management Spain (La Roca Village)