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Blanquerna grants for international mobility

Blanquerna grants for international mobility allow students to participate in an international stay. It is an action funded by Blanquerna in order to promote the international dimension.

Each year, Blanquerna allocates a grant to the best academic records. The requirements are sent to students who have obtained an international mobility academic place.

These grants are announced by each faculty within the framework of their respective international programs and projects. These grants are announced each year by the faculties.

These Blanquerna International Mobility Grants are set up in three types to support:

  • Short stays (not less than 5 days) - Maximum amount: €1,500
  • Long stays (not less than 3 months) - Maximum amount: €3,000
  • Erasmus scholarship students - Maximum amount: €1,000

These grants are open to application in every school with the framework of their respective international programmes and projects.
Every school will make public the total budget for these grants every academic year.

All Blanquerna students who participate in an international mobility program and meet the following requirements can apply for the grant:

  • Minimum average grade point average of 6.75.
  • Application form (must be delivered to the specific service of each faculty).


  • Have financial debts with the school.
  • Having previously received the same scholarship.

The following criteria will be prioritized in the award of grants, in this order of importance:

  • Academic record
  • Longer mobility
  • Economic situation of the student
  • Motivational, emotional and sociability aspects will also be valued

Each school is responsible for the final decision on these mobility grants. In this respect, each school will set up a committee to assess every application and then make a decision.
This final decision will be published in accordance with the programme's opening and development.

The grant will be given via a monetary contribution subject to the tax regulations in force.


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