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Blanquerna-URL and sustainability

At Blanquerna-URL, as a service-oriented organization, we want to contribute to sustainable growth within the territory and, consequently, in the environment. Aware also of the impacts we generate with our actions, we undertake to work on those lines of action that lead to the general good of the organization and its nearest territorial area.

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Concrete actions

During the last academic years, a set of good practices of the organization have been promoted and made known, in line with the contribution to a more sustainable environment. Developing these practices has made it possible to increase the awareness of all members of the Blanquerna-URL university community in order to work for sustainable growth, also in the daily reality of the work that each one carries out.


Check out our sustainability reports

Blanquerna-URL is identified with sustainability (social, economic and environmental) and socially responsible management. The Sustainability Report is prepared according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) international standards and the published data correspond to the period between September and August of each academic year. The aim of Blanquerna-URL is to inform its stakeholders of those relevant economic, social and environmental impacts.


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