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Diversity support

At Blanquerna we promote personal development at all levels to people with a diversity of specific needs from a normalizing context that encourages personal autonomy and uniqueness.

Ramon Llull University has a Diversity Care Commission, which manages the regulations regarding students with disabilities and provides information on initiatives, scholarships, calls and other types of opportunities for these students.

Ramon Llull University also has a Gender Equality Commission, which is formed by a representative of each center integrated in the URL and ensures that equal opportunities between men and women in the University become a reality, through the development, implementation and monitoring of the Gender Equality Plan of the URL. It is in charge of promoting the University's equality policies.

Atenció a la Diversitat

Where will you find this service?

Diversity Attention Commission URL

If you want to communicate a specific need, you should contact the seminar tutor in the first instance.
[email protected]
C. Claravall, 1-3 08022-Barcelona


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