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School of Health Sciences

Study Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Blanquerna-URL

Studying at the School of Health Sciences means learning with the latest equipment, getting familiar with technology and professional materials from the start of your studies. Choosing a bachelor degree in health at Blanquerna means opting for close contact with faculty members, an individualized learning process and internationalization. In short, it is synonymous with opportunities.

Dean's welcome address

Since our beginnings in 1992, our mission has been to train health professionals who value this people-centred profession, and who stand out for their excellence, ability to innovate and leadership from a humanistic perspective.

In the pedagogical level, Blanquerna-URL is unique because of its personalized methodology, achieved with small groups in theoretical and practical sessions, in clinical simulations, in seminars (training sessions guided by an advisor), and through internships in high-level institutions. We have a faculty made up of professors who combine their professional work with teaching and research, as well as non-teaching staff.

We are committed to interdisciplinary teaching and students taking the different degree courses do joint academic activities, which prepares them for future teamwork. We are constantly incorporating new knowledge, teaching tools and new projects to continue to grow as a university at the service of people and society.

If you'd like to get to know us, why not pay us a visit? Experience the School up close!

Dra. Conxita Mestres i Miralles, dean
School of Health Sciences Blanquerna-Universitat Ramon Llull

Dra. Conxita Mestres, degana
Facultat de Ciències de la Salut FCS

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Research projects

The School's faculty executive team

Dr. Conxita Mestres Miralles

Dr. Juanjo García Gil

Academic Vice Dean

[email protected]

Dra. Marta Hernández Hernández

Vice Dean of Research and Institutional Relations

[email protected]

Lic. Elisabet Vendrell Aubach

Academic Secretary

[email protected]

A host of resources at your fingertips

Working with state-of-the-art equipment enables you to become familiar with the materials used in the professional field and be well prepared to enter the workforce.

All the services you need during your course

At Blanquerna, we want your university experience to be rewarding and enriching. That's why we offer a wide range of services to our students, so they can resolve any issues and make the most of their time at the School.

Quality of studies

Quality assurance covers activities that involve systematic, structured and continuous attention to maintaining and improving quality. Our mission, vision and institutional values identify the culture and the characteristic features of university training in the Blanquerna Schools.
Within this frame of reference, the School regularly publishes updated information on the Internal Quality Assurance System, the results of the training programs and the internal and external verification of qualifications.

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Research at the school

At the School of Health Sciences, we consider research to be an essential function of the university and the basis of university teaching.

Research activity at the School is organized through the Institute for Health Research and the groups that form it. The main lines of work of the projects carried out are: Wellbeing, Pharmacogenetics, Health and physical activity, and Global health and gender. Faculty are encouraged to carry out work in these areas and cooperate with other research groups or institutions.

Recerca Facultat Ciències de la Salut

Studies with an international dimension

To become international is to discover the plurality in oneself, while discovering the plurality in others. Traveling and meeting people, mixing cultures and languages, all contribute to our life experience and our growth as human beings and as professionals.


Excellence is the future