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High School centers

Blanquerna supports the schools to ensure a better future for the students
How can we help you?

Learn about the various ways in which Blanquerna-URL can help your educational center provide guidance to students on their studies. We offer different services to help future High School and Advanced Vocational Training (CFGS) students learn about the bachelor degrees taught at Blanquerna-URL, our values, the profile of the faculty and the facilities they will use. In addition, we offer university orientation sessions and workshops for teachers, to supplement the guidance provided by schools.

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Blanquerna-Escola Workshops

These hands-on workshops simulate the environment and tasks of a profession to help students get a better grasp of the sector and the work it entails. Our workshops have a number of formats that can be adapted to the needs of each educational center.


We offer workshops at our faculties for High School and Advanced Vocational Training students to help them gain professional experience and learn about the bachelor degrees that are taught there.


We offer the students three virtual workshops, which they can watch from their classrooms or from home.

On demand

At the request of schools, we offer practical workshops for small groups of students and practical talks given by Blanquerna faculty.

Academic orientation sessions

The workshops are separately provided to students, tutors, and families, and are designed to provide guidelines to help choose their university studies, in a dynamic and interactive manner.

The "First university year" orientation session has been designed to help young people aged 16 to 18 in the difficult task of deciding what to study. We offer students guidelines to choose their studies by going through the university experience. By visualizing the challenges and what it means to enter and pass the first academic year, students are questioned to help them make a decision about their academic future.

This dynamic and interactive session is intended to be a complement to the orientation and self-knowledge activities designed and organized by the schools.

  • From October 2021 to May 2022
  • 1 hour
  • Face-to-face/online

The academic orientation session "How to help students choose a university studies" is designed to provide 4th ESO and High School tutors with skills to help and guide students in choosing their future university studies.

  • From October 2021 to May 2022
  • 1 hour
  • Face-to-face/online

The orientation session “Choosing university studies in the 21st century” by Blanquerna-URL and La Salle-URL has been designed to help parents find the best way to help students choose their University studies. The talk addresses High School itineraries, international opportunities and experiences of the university, with a focus on the professional future of their children, and other issues and concerns.

  • From October 2021 to May 2022
  • 1 hour
  • Face-to-face/online

Informative talks in schools

One-hour general presentation of the bachelor degrees. It can be imparted in different formats to suit the needs of schools, both in the number of students and in time and location. The talks are also available online.

Face-to-face informative sessions for schools about our bachelor degrees

General talks imparted in classrooms according to the students' academic itineraries.

Blanquerna online informative sessions

Adaptation of the in-person mode to the online format.

Excellence is the future

Since 1948, we have had a purpose at Blanquerna; to support our students in turning their calling into their career reality to contribute to society in the way they know best. That is why we open the doors to a universe in which they are at the center.
At Blanquerna-URL we work to ensure our students have a future full of possibilities and to make their dreams come true.
The leading figures of this year's campaign are Blanquerna-URL students. Teresa Belza, Guillem Castellà, Ignasi Pagès, Anna Rabassa, Manel Brenes and Paula Rivero. Meet them!

Imatge canpanya nova

Blanquerna Impulsa Awards

The awards are aimed at 4th ESO, High School and Vocational Training students and teachers, raising awareness on the social and environmental issues covered by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Projects can be submitted by the teaching staff of the center, by students and teachers, and by students individually or in small groups.

The awards have four categories:

  • Award for activities in the field of communications
  • Award for activities in the field of school education
  • Award for activities in the field of health
  • Award for activities in the field of international relations
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Excellence is the future