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Blanquerna grants for renewals (students from 2nd year onwards)

Blanquerna-URL, a non-profit institution

Blanquerna-URL allocates limited funding for students who enroll in a bachelor's degree program in one of its schools to grant financial aid to partially cover the cost of studies. Students who receive the grant can renew it each academic year provided they meet the established criteria. The grant is paid by means of a discount on the monthly payments (from October to June) to be paid by the student from the start of the course. The aid does not cover the amount paid at the time of enrollment.

Blanquerna-URL financial aid is compatible with other public and private grants or financial aid, whenever these are available. The total amount of the Blanquerna-URL grant and that granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (applicable to the management of the AGAUR) as an exemption from public prices for academic services may not exceed the total cost laid down by Blanquerna-URL for each academic year.

In order to renew the Blanquerna financial aid, the student must uphold the initial conditions for which it was granted, in addition to having passed 80% of the credits taken in the previous year.

Application process: Fill out the application form attaching all the documentation to be submitted via this link or by entering SCALA: PortAL>Graduate Studies>Financial Aid Application Form.
You can log in with your SCALA username and password.

After studying each application, the Financial Aid Committee will decide whether to grant or deny the aid. The student will receive the answer by e-mail in the first few days of October of the current year. The student must accept the awarding of the grant.

Application terms and conditions: from May 15 to July 9, 2024. No applications will be accepted after this period under any circumstances.

  1. Being enrolled in one of the bachelor's degree courses of the Blanquerna-URL Schools (minimum 30 credits).
  2. having passed 80% of the credits taken in the previous year.
  3. Not exceeding 16,000 euros gross per year per member of the family unit. Furthermore, income from income from movable capital and/or real estate, together with assets, will also be taken into account.
  4. Special situations of the family unit (large family, special large family, single parent, illness, death, job instability, etc.) will be taken into account; however, the aid will not be awarded directly and automatically in these situations.
  5. Be up-to-date with the economic obligations with the School (monthly payment and enrollment fees).
  6. Applications for public scholarships from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training or AGAUR, as well as scholarships from other autonomous communities will be considered.

Note: Merely satisfying these conditions does not guarantee the awarding of the grant.

  1. Grant application: Application form duly completed.
  2. Cohabitation certificate of empadronamiento (Residents Register) showing all the people living/residing with the applicant, dating back no more than three months.
  3. Income tax return: In the event of having filed an income tax return in the past year, a complete copy of the 2022 income tax return of the applicant and all persons living with the student. As of June 2024 it will be imperative to submit the income tax return for the year 2023. In case of separation or divorce, and with shared guardianship and custody by the spouses, the income tax returns of both parties must be submitted.
  4. In the event of not having to present an income tax return, it is necessary to provide:
  • A certificate stating that the income tax return has not been presented
  • A working life certificate
  • A certificate of income and withholdings of all the members of the family unit actively working.
  1. Pay slips: The last two pay slips (the most recent) of the applicant and of the family members (father, mother, siblings, partner, etc.) who are actively working and who live with the student.
  2. Documentation for entrepreneurs and self-employed: Entrepreneurs or the self-employed will have to attach, besides their personal income tax return, documentation accrediting the results of their activities and of the companies in which they have an interest. In particular, it is necessary to submit the following documentation:
  • Corporate income tax. Form 200 or 202.
  • 4 last income tax returns for economic activities. Forms 130, 131 or similar
  • 4 last quarterly VAT returns. Form 303
  • Annual VAT return. Form 390
  1. Benefits: Certification of the income of the family unit from unemployment and pensions (disability, widowhood, orphanhood, etc.) or proof of non-receipt of these benefits, where applicable. Also, a copy of the period of unemployment or any other benefit, where applicable. Also, if during the year 2021 there has been a situation of suspension of employment (ERO, ERTO), you must attach the corresponding supporting documentation.
  2. Judgment of separation or divorce and regulatory agreement, where applicable.
  3. Other documents: Any other document accrediting the situation described in the application form.

Note: the Financial Aid Committee will not assess the applications that do not provide all the requested documentation of all the members of the family unit. If necessary for the final assessment, the Financial Aid Service reserves the right to request additional documentation.

Essential information on data protection

You are informed that your personal data will be processed by Fundació Blanquerna as Data Controller, in order to manage and process financial aid. The data based on your consent are processed pursuant to a legal obligation and public interest mission. Personal data may be disclosed to public bodies for the processing and justification of scholarships and official aid. The data will be kept for three years in order to prove the correct completion of the assessment process and the granting or refusal of the corresponding aid. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition to the processing and request to limit the processing by contacting the Blanquerna Foundation (Passeig Sant Gervasi, 47, 08022 Barcelona, +34 93 253 30 00 or [email protected]). You can find additional and detailed information on data processing and the exercise of rights at


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