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Grants for refugees or displaced persons

Blanquerna-URL is offering six grants for the opportunity to carry out undergraduate studies at any one of Blanquerna’s three schools with financial assistance available for up to 50% of tuition cost for refugees or displaced people affected by an international conflict. Recipients’ personal situations will be reviewed every subsequent academic year to determine renewal possibilities.

Evaluation criteria for the grants

The main criteria to determine eligibility for the grant includes:

1. Evidence of refugee or displaced person status.
2. Evidence of financial distress which restricts the possibility to meet tuition payments.

Application Process

1. Fill out the application form and attach supporting documents which establish refugee or displaced person status.
​2. Attend an interview with the Office of Grants and Financial Aid


The deadline for acceptance of applications is June 30th, 2022, for the first call, and September 6th for the second call. Acceptance of applications is subject to availability of grants.


- Academic transcript (university or secondary education)
- Documentation which establishes refugee or displaced person status.

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