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Internship service

Professional experience is an essential part of our methodology. Therefore, we have a wide range of internship agreements to cover the needs and preferences of all students. You will graduate having worked in your industry.

Linking the faculties with the business world is one of the founding objectives of the institution. Internships allow students to learn how the industry works and the sectors in which they want to work and are their first contact with the business world. Therefore, all students participate in the internship program during the third and fourth year of each of the degrees and masters.

The internship service works to advise you on your professional experience, detecting the skills you have and finding the company, institution or organization that best suits your needs.

  • More than 1,000 internships a year in companies and institutions.
  • The internship program allows students to apply academic knowledge in a professional setting.
  • Internships are an opportunity for companies to train and meet future graduates ready to enter the job market.
  • Students can also do internships abroad.

To apply for an internship, you must send us an application with a description of the company and the requirements of the offer.

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