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More than 71,000 professionals graduated from Blanquerna-URL

Blanquerna-URL will always be your home. That's why we encourage contact between all of you and offer you advice, training, activities and resources. Our work doesn't finish the moment you graduate. You will always be part of the Blanquerna-URL community!

The alumni area enables us to continue by your side to accompany you in the job search and job placement process, achieving up to 90% employment rate for recent graduates in the first year. The alumni service is intended for all Blanquerna-URL alumni.

Enjoy all the benefits of alumni

Blanquerna alumni

We are the only private Catalan university recognized as a Campus of International Excellence (CIE). At Blanquerna you can currently train in the fields of education, sport, health, communication and international relations.






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Do you want to broaden the possibilities of your professional profile?

Discover the training options to keep improving. Alumni will benefit from discounts!

What do our alumni say?


Alumni community networks

Your time at the school doesn't end at graduation. The alumni community survives beyond the classroom. Join the network and take part in the activities that are organized both in Barcelona and in the cities where our alumni are located.

Millors expedients acadèmics graduació 2019

School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences

Alumnes a la Graduació Blanquerna 2019

School of Health Sciences

Alumnes a la graduació Blanquerna 2019

School of Communication and International Relations

Blanquerna-URL in the rankings

ranquing shangai

Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023 of the Shanghai Ranking

The Psychology degree of the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences Blanquerna is located in the range 401-500.


Excellence is the future