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Blanquerna grants

We make your future possible

Blanquerna-URL is a non-profit institution and does not receive any ordinary grants or public aid for its regulated university studies. It is for this reason that we dedicate part of our income to financing various types of financial aid organized under the "We help you" program. To facilitate access to the training offer of the faculties of Blanquerna-URL, the student has several internal possibilities to obtain significant financial aid.

The amount of the Aids Blanquerna situates environment of the 20% of the total cost and it's makes effective through a discount in the monthly payments that the students has to pay from the begenning of the course. The aid doesn't apply to the amount paid at the moment to formalise the registration (50% of the total cost).

Alumne atès per SIOE a la facultat de Ciències de la Salut

At Blanquerna, we allocate funds for students enrolling in a bachelor's degree to financial aid and to cover the financing of part of the cost of their studies.

Grants for refugees or displaced persons

Blanquerna-URL, an institution committed to society, facilitates access to their studies for refugees or displaced persons.

Blanquerna financing

We also help you finance your studies by encouraging your interest-free installment payment.

Grants for predoctoral researchers

We help you do research.


Excellence is the future