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Blanquerna-URL on social media

Blanquerna-URL on social media

Connect with us and find out everything that happens in college

Visit our official profiles on the networks and catch up with the latest institutional information and information on all the academic and university life activities hosted by the Blanquerna campus.
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Alumni community networks

Your passage through college does not end with the final year graduation. The Alumni community survives beyond the classroom. Join the network and take part in the activities that are organized both in Barcelona and in the cities where our alumni are distributed.

Millors expedients acadèmics graduació 2019

School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences

Alumnes a la Graduació Blanquerna 2019

School of Health Sciences

Alumnes a la graduació Blanquerna 2019

School of Communication and International Relations


Follow our institutional accounts and stay up to date on everything on campus! You will also find profiles of the Alumni community and the Blanquerna Observatory. Log in and find out all the details!


Join our YouTube channel and browse. You will find everything from tutorials on how to use library resources to informative videos about our degrees, to virtual tours of the campus, where you can see all the facilities of the three faculties, or collections of university life in Blanquerna . Access our profile and review the graduation ceremonies, the best masterclasses and webinars or some awards ceremonies organized by the university.

Imatge desenfocada alumnes passadís FCRI


Discover the institutional profile, the own accounts of each faculty and those of the degrees. There you will find the most outstanding activities, a collection of the essential information you need or you will simply be able to browse a bit.


Want to know everything about the Blanquerna community? In this network you will find all the information you need about us and our Alumni.

In addition to the institutional news, you will discover all our activity such as the announcements about the next information sessions or masterclasses. We strengthen our connections with our Alumni, so we also echo everything that happens on a global scale related to the Blanquerna generation.

Alumnes exterior FCRI


Follow us on our institutional profiles and stay up to date on everything that happens on campus.

Research profiles. Check out the latest research publications.

Profiles of our degrees. Find out about all the activities we organize and the main news from our studies.


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