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Up to a dozen different professionals visited Global Communication Management students

Up to a dozen different professionals visited Global Communication Management students

May 26, 2020

In the workframe of seminar IV on Professional Communication Skills, students met diplomats, business coaches and digital strategists in order to explore the different career opportunities the Global Communication Management Degree offers.

The journey started at the premises of the European Parliament Office in Barcelona, on Passeig de Gràcia, where Sergi Barrera, head of the office, hosted the students just before the pandemic outbreak. Barrera explained how a 4 person staff develops communication strategies that affect all European citizens: “You need to adapt to global challenges”, he told the students. And they did.

The issue of Public Diplomacy

In fact, after Covid-19 completely changed the dynamic, students put to the test their adaptability to the new online environment. They continued the discussion on Public Diplomacy with the U.S. Consul General Robert C. Riley, for whom it was the first online conference under confinement. He reminded them that regardless of social distancing, the essence of diplomacy remains the same: “One country shaking the hand of another", a process where communication is key.

Another aspect students talked through concerned the development of international programs such as the ones created by Laila El Moshneb at the United Nations, where she works at the headquarters based in Abu Dhabi. With her, students discussed gender equality issues in the MENA region.

NGO’s and the private sector

Former student Mar Sabé (Journalism, 15ª class) joined students of the seminar to explain her job as PA and Communication Officer at Open Arms. She shared her experience working with NGOs and the challenges of that particular sector. During her lecture, Sabé gave a detailed account of how Open Arms, member of the International Maritime Rescue Federation, nowadays the only “full members” from the Spanish State, went from lifesaving, to activism, to advocacy.

Another example from quite a different perspective was ex student Blanca Parés (Journalism, 15ª class), who explained what her job as “International Business Developer” entails. She works at CMS, a multinational law firm with its headquarters in London.

MACBA and the Mobile World Congress

Our School is next to the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), a consortium of three public administrations in the heart of Raval. Madeline Carey, in charge of the New Audiences division explained its day-to-day running and what the most valuable skills are when the world of arts meets bureaucracy. A visit to our neighbors remains pending.

The seminar also had two more Alumni: Mar Freixa, Project Manager & Laura De Diego, Media Relations Specialist at GSMA, an organization that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide.

Marketing others and marketing yourself

With Javi Segarra, Digital Marketing specialist at DUPLO, students learn how product marketing is done from an agency and also what kind of profile is on demand in this sector. Another possibility is freelancing on your own. And to talk about those challenges, the seminar invited freelance digital strategist, Ana Laya.

Four months of research opened the door for students to do some soul searching. Business coach, Eulàlia Tort, became a big part of that. She explained the DiSC assessment methodology, a non-judgmental tool used for discussion of people's behavioral differences. And, with Olga Farreras, specialists from Linkedin, students learn some tips on how to rock their profiles and improve their digital persona.

Up to a dozen different professionals visit Global Communication Management students

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