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Companies and institutions

Companies and institutions

Our goal is to help develop the talent of the new generations of professionals and our methodology is based on practice, work on case studies, the collaboration of companies and institutions in teaching and group learning. reduced. Our mission is to drive the talent of students.

A talent prepared to meet the challenges of today's companies and institutions. Our social function is the commitment to maintain constant links with companies, entities and institutions in our environment to promote professional talent.

Maintaining a constant relationship with companies in the sector where our students will develop is essential to provide them with optimal and up-to-date training. For this reason, we encourage university-company synergies through channels such as internships, the job market and the recruitment of talent.
In addition, companies or institutions that wish to do so will find continuing education in various sectors and the rental of space for events, meetings or one-off events.

Grow the talent of your professionals

Do you want to train your professionals in the fields of knowledge of Blanquerna-URL? We offer courses tailored to the needs of companies or institutions.

Capture new talent, Blanquerna talent

We promote the talent of our students and offer them personalized learning so that they can squeeze their skills and make the most of the university stage. Aware of the constant change in the professional environment, we base an important part of our methodology on internships in companies to be in constant contact with the world of work and adapt studies to the new needs and demands of professionals.

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Knowledge transfer

Discover all the services offered by our research groups, from project advice to consulting services or training for active professionals.

We encourage research activity as a basis for university knowledge. We prioritize research projects with a social impact, that is, those that contribute to the improvement of society with social, cultural and economic benefits, which help to advance and improve in the areas in which we are experts: health, education, sport, communication and international relations.

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Do you want to collaborate with us?

The Blanquerna Foundation allocates 2 million euros in scholarships. The fund is open to donations from individuals or companies who want to contribute to the access of students to our degrees or to the promotion of research projects in our faculties.

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Space rental

State-of-the-art equipment at your service

Discover the auditoriums, the set and the classrooms equipped with the latest technology

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