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Research institutes

Educational Innovation and Leadership Research Institute

The Research Institute for Educational Innovation and Leadership carries out its research activity on issues such as:

  • educational innovation
  • creation of new models of organization and educational leadership in network
  • new information and communication technologies
  • socio-educational participation and mediation
  • ethics of educational and organizational leadership
  • intercultural dialogue in our society
  • language learning in multilingual contexts
Institut de Recerca en Innovació Educativa i Lideratge

Research Institute for Psychology, Learning and Development (Re-Psy)

All studies are preferably carried out in applied research projects. He studies various areas of psychology including:

  • personal health and balance
  • personality and family relationships
  • identity construction
  • organizational development and learning
  • teaching and learning in various contexts
Institut de Recerca en Psicologia, Aprenentatge i Desenvolupament (Re-Psy)

Barcelona Research Institute for Sport, Health and Society of Barcelona (Re-Sport)

It offers a holistic view of sport and physical activity in a variety of contexts and with transdisciplinary approaches. It focuses on the lines of research on:

  • sport, health and genetics
  • elderly people and chronic diseases
  • adapted sport
  • training, innovation and physical education
  • social intervention with sport
  • economic and urban development
  • active tourism and leisure and public policies
  • sports management, psychology and history
Institut de Recerca en Esport, Salut i Societat de Barcelona (Re-Sport)

Health Research Institute

He emphasizes the relevance of research as an essential function of the university and the basis of university education. The main lines of work of the projects carried out at the Institute are:

  • wellbeing
  • pharmacogenetics
  • health and physical activity
  • global health and gender
Institut de Rececerca en Salut

Research Institute for Communication and International Relations

It focuses primarily on the revolution caused by ICTs and how this revolution is turning, in the context of globalization, the lives of individuals and communities, always from a multidisciplinary perspective. It is structured around various technological vectors and axes of digital activity with the will to serve society. The faculty is part of a Campus of International Excellence in cooperation with the American universities of Georgetown, Boston College and Fordham. This strategic cooperation is committed to social, equitable, responsible and sustainable innovation.

Institut de Recerca en Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals

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