Length of program 4 years
Internships Mandatory, elective, extracurricular
Credits 240 ECTS

Form of payment

The payment of tuition fees can be made in installments without any interest charges. Tuition fees for all students is divided as follows:

50% upon registration and the remaining in nine monthly installments from October to June.

enlightenedDue to the social and economic impact of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, for the academic year 2020-2021 Blanquerna-URL will make an exceptional reduction in the percentage of the first payment of tuition fees for enrollment to 35% of yearly tuition fees and not 50% as is normally the case. The system of paying the remaining amount in 9 monthly installments will be maintained as in all other academic years.

Students applying for a loan from banks who collaborate with Blanquerna Foundation in order to pay their tuition fees, must inform administration when registering, so the Registrar's Office can provide them the documents in order to present them to the corresponding bank.

Price per credit, academic year 2020-21


Financial aid

In order to make a university education at Blanquerna affordable and accessible, the student has many opportunities, internal and external, to get significant financial aid by means of scholarships, grants, loans and through the work placement service.