Length of program 4 years
Timetable Morning or Noon
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Closed
Modality On-site

The Blanquerna-URL Faculty of Health Sciences encourages personal contact between teacher and student, in an environment conducive to dialogue and participation in order to promote creative skills and stimulate critical awareness.
Students receive training of a humanistic and interdisciplinary nature, based on five pedagogical structures: lecture-style classes, seminars, clinical simulation, professional placements, and also the possibility of studying abroad.
The ability to adapt to varying professional environments is valued. For this reason, from the very first day, there is a focus on professional practice in the university’s clinical simulation classes.

Theory-based practical classroom

From the very beginning you will work on the professional component in the theory-based practical classes in the university. Different fields of the professional environment are simulated here (hospital rooms, primary healthcare consultancies...) to train students and enable them to develop approaches and skills which provide vital and relevant experience for internships in healthcare centres.

Small-group seminars

The seminar is a subject which is characteristic of centres belonging to the Blanquerna Universitat Ramon Llull, and the aim is to provide students with personal attention, to promote personal initiative and develop university and personal competences which are specific to the nursing discipline. These seminars involve a task-based learning approach; that’s to say that they aim to develop self-directed learning, an ability to solve healthcare-related problems and an ability to establish your own strategies to do so. This is all done with the support of a teacher-tutor and with a group of 10 students.


From the first year at the Universitat study and practice are combined to give the student an insight into the professional world. This enables students to gain experience and facilitates their introduction to the job market. For this reason, we have over 110 recognised healthcare centres –both public and private- where internships are offered.

Throughout the four-year training period, you will get practical experience in healthcare, educational, and sports centres, prisons, associations...in order to apply the knowledge, the skills and specific knowledge of the nursing profession and acquire experience. You’re also given the chance to join in different exchange programmes with other foreign universities, ERASMUS programmes and do internships in European and South American healthcare centres and participate in international cooperation programmes.

Studying abroad

Students can join a range of exchange programmes with foreign universities, and also do placements once their degree courses are completed (Erasmus, Leonardo, Sèneca...) and take part in International Cooperation programmes.