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Promoció 2023 de màsters i postgraus de la Facultat de Ciències de la Salut a l'Acte de Graduació, celebrat a l'Auditori de la FCRI.

Congratulations to all of our master's and postgraduate graduates from the School of Health Sciences!

July 7, 2023

Yesterday, Thursday 6th of July, master's and postgraduate students from the School of Health Sciences celebrated their Graduation Ceremony.

The Graduation Ceremony began at 19.30 in the FCRI Auditorium, where students, teachers and family gathered to celebrate the end of this important academic stage.

The godfather of the graduation Dr. Arturo Goicoechea called for an end to ignorance and arrogance, to offer a more humane and humble treatment to patients, especially those who feel pain. Dr. Goicoechea, a nationally renowned neurologist in the field of persistent pain, is a professor of the university in the master's degree in Neurophysiotherapy and the master's degree in Maxillofacial Physiotherapy.

The students received a gift, awarded to them by the members of the presidential board, Dr. Giorgia Miotto, general director of Blanquerna, Dr. Juanjo García Gil, academic vice-dean of Blanquerna-URL School of Health Sciences, and Dr. Arturo Goicoechea, godfather of the promotion.

After the graduation speech of Dr. Goicoechea, professor Pat Vidal of the master's degree in Physical Therapy for Persons with Chronic Pathologies, Aging or Disability led an "active pause", where all attendees stood up to move their body, thus giving importance not only to the treatment of diseases but also to their prevention.

Some students of the master's degree in Neurophysiotherapy, the master's degree in Physiotherapy Applied to Team Sports and the master's degree in Physical Therapy addressed their peers, teachers and family members with a few words of farewell.

We wish all graduates a successful professional future full of new challenges, congratulations!

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