Length of program 4 years
Timetable Morning or Noon
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Closed
Modality On-site

Placements. A different model

External placements represent a training activity that allows the student to fully engage with the realities of the profession and acquire the competences described in the training programmes, in order to facilitate his / her entry to the working world and develop enterprising potential. 

The objectives of the obligatory tutored placements of the EHEA degree in Nursing, according to CIN/2134/2008, of 3rd July, in accordance with which the prerequisites are established for the verification of official university qualifications that provide the skills necessary to exercise in the profession of Nursing, are for students to integrate all their knowledge, skills, approaches, attitudes and values, acquired from all the subjects that make up the study programme, developing all the professional competences that enable them to provide effective nursing care.

All students of the Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences (FCSB) complete placements in different ambits and collaborating entities in the public and private sector, at both a national and international level following a specific sequence.

The FCSB has agreements with over 300 centres of renown in the healthcare and social sphere -public and private- where external placements take place.

The significance of the placements, in terms of growth opportunities and acquisition of competences, is a well-defined reality. The underlying evidence generates the need to regard this area as an added value to the learning process of FCSB students.

The students, before starting their placements, carry out small-group clinical simulations to have a first simulated contact with the clinical realities that they will later address.

The FCSB opts for a model of student-centred monitored placements, with two fundamental reference points: the academic tutor and the clinical tutor.

The academic tutor is an FCSB teacher, who the students will have two on-site sessions with: before starting the placement (briefing) and at the end (debriefing). The aim of these two sessions is to work together on expectations, objectives, placements normes and the dossier related to practical learning. Once the student begins his / her placement, the academic tutor will keep in both virtual and on-site contact constantly, and always monitoring the development of the defined competences and resolving doubts or any possible incidence. Moreover, the academic tutor will be the academic interlocutor for the clinical tutor.

The centre’s clinical tutor is an exercising professional, in the area where the placement is taking place and is appointed by the placement centre. He / she will be responsible for supervising the practical process of the student throughout the placement. In synergy with the academic tutor, he / she will assess the student’s practical learning process with the provision of an intermediate and final report.

The FCSB takes great care with the tuition process and offers continuous training to clinical tutors so that they can develop tools to provide students with an optimum process of tuition and assessment.

Informative documents

Sexuals crimes

Declaration of vaccines (this document is in catalan)

Placement centers

  • Agència de la Salut Pública de Catalunya
  • Agrupació Europea de Cooperació Territorial. Hospital de la Cerdanya
  • Banc de sang i teixits
  • Centre Integral de Salut Cotxeres
  • Centre Geriàtric Catite
  • Centre Mèdic Atlàntida 
  • Centre Mèdic Teknon 
  • Centre Residencial L'Ametlla del Vallès
  • Centre Sociosanitari Can Torres
  • Centre Sociosanitari Dolors Putget
  • Centre Sociosanitari Frederica Montseny
  • Centre Sociosanitari El Carme 
  • Centre Sociosanitari Mutuam Guell 
  • Centre Sociosanitari Palau 
  • Centres Assistencials Dr. Emili Mira 
  • Clínica Corachán 
  • Clínica del Remei
  • Clínica Diagonal, S.L. 
  • Clínica Llúria
  • Clínica Nostra Senyora de Guadalupe 
  • Clínica Sagrada Família
  • Clínica Sant Antoni
  • Col.legi d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona
  • Consorci Mar Parc de Salut de Barcelona. Centre Fòrum 
  • Consorci Mar Parc de Salut de Barcelona. Hospital del Mar 
  • Consorci Sanitari de l'Anoia
  • Consorci Sanitari del Garraf
  • Consorci Sanitari de l'Alt Penedès
  • Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa. Hospital de Terrassa 
  • Consorci Sanitari del Maresme. Hospital de Mataró 
  • Corporació de Salut del Maresme i la Selva
  • EBA Vallcarca SLP
  • Fundació Hospital Asil de Granollers 
  • Fundació Hospital de l´Esperit Sant 
  • Fundació Privada Institut de Neurorehabilitació Guttmann
  • Fundació Puigvert
  • Fundació Santa Eulàlia 
  • Fundació Sociosanitària de Barcelona 
  • Fundació Vallparadís
  • Fundació Vella Terra
  • Fundació viure i conviure. Llar Sant Jordi 
  • Geriàtric Aragó, S.L. 
  • Grup Mutuam
  • Hèstia Duran i Reynals
  • Hèstia Mataró
  • Hèstia Gràcia
  • Hospital de Girona Dr Josep Trueta
  • Hospital Dos de Maig
  • Hospital de Sant Celoni
  • Hospital de Mollet
  • Hospital El Pilar- Grupo Quirón Salud
  • Hospital Universitari de la Vall d'Hebron 
  • Hospital Universitari Mútua de Terrassa
  • Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu  
  • Hospital Universitari Dexeus- Grupo Quirón salud
  • Hospital Asepeyo de Sant Cugat 
  • Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge 
  • Hospital Comarcal de l’Alt Penedès
  • Hospital de Granollers
  • Hospital de Nens de Barcelona 
  • Hospital de Sant Jaume 
  • Hospital de Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi 
  • Hospital de Sant Rafael 
  • Hospital Evangèlic 
  • Hospital General de l'Hospitalet 
  • Hospital General de Catalunya
  • Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol 
  • Hospital Quirón Salud Barcelona
  • Institut Català de la Salut. ICS 
  • ITA Barcelona
  • ITA Maresme
  • Lepant Residencial
  • Orpea Ibérica
  • Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili 
  • Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu
  • Residència d'avis l'Estada 
  • Residència Geriàtrica d'Horta 
  • Residència Geriàtrica El Mil.lenari 
  • Residència Jaume Nualart 
  • Residència La Creueta 
  • Residència La Salut 
  • Residència Las Acacias 
  • Residència Los Sauces 
  • Residència Los Tilos 
  • Residència Onze de Setembre
  • Residència Porta 
  • Residència Privada Pere Relats 
  • Residència Roca i Pi. Fundació Privada Llegat Roca i Pi 
  • Residencial Augusta Park
  • Residencial Sitges Park
  • Sanitas Residencial
  • Sar Quavitae. Residencial Claret 
  • Vitalia Bilbilis, S.L.