Length of program 4 years
Timetable Morning
Internships Mandatory, Elective, Extracurriculars
Credits 240 ECTS
Modality On-site


The curriculum for the Degree in International Relations at Blanquerna (DIR) includes the writing of a Final Degree Project (FDP), this being one of the compulsory subjects for students in the fourth year.

This subject, worth 12 ECTS, is linked to another, called Seminar VIII: Development of Projects (8 ECTS), the design and content of which pursues the systemization of a set of competences and specific knowledge to be applied in the project. Each FDP will be allocated to a faculty member who shall act as supervisor. Their role is to give support to students, in order to develop the project coherently.

In itself, the FDP represents an essential training tool for students. Its aim is to help them integrate the learning acquired throughout the degree and to deepen their knowledge of the different areas of international relations. Furthermore, it is seen as essential for its transdisciplinarity, as well as for developing a series of skills which include the following: oral and argumentation skills, critical analysis, use of information sources and documentation, communication, initiative and autonomy.

Students will have a document of Guidelines for the Final Degree Project at their disposal. These guidelines outline the steps to be taken during the development of the FDP, the deadlines for the various activities, as well as other procedural matters regarding the design and submission of the project. It is, therefore, of utmost importance for students who are to develop their FDP, to read and follow them closely.

Students shall choose between two types of FDP:

  1. Research project on a topic chosen by students that lies within one of the fields of study of international relations. 

    The research should contain an original analysis, through which students may exercise their aforementioned skills and knowledge. The proposal should be based on bibliographical research, be supported by qualitative and quantitative research methods, and its conclusions be presented in argued and coherent manner. 

    This type of FDP may only be carried out individually.
  2. Professional or applied project regarding a topic chosen by students that lies within one of the fields of study of international relations.

    The FDP may consist in designing a professional activity, formulating a specific initiative for practical application or carrying out a study (diagnosis, evaluation, etc.).

    This type of FDP may be carried out as a team (of two people at the most) or individually. Should students choose to work in a team, they should justify the relevance and appropriateness of doing so and the Degree Coordination team needs to approve it.