Length of program 5 years
Timetable morning and afternoon
Internships compulsory
Application Open
Modality On-site

The double degree course in Primary Education and Sports Sciences provides students with a profile closely linked to the specialist in Physical Education in the Catalan education system, both concerning state schools and semi-state and private schools.

With regard to the former type of schools, centres totally managed by the Department of Education, Generalitat of Catalonia, are adopting a model of school-high school, whether with newly created centres or merging existing centres. In these case, the organization and model watch over the coherence and pedagogical arrangement among the different educational stages (early childhood, primary and secondary), as we offer in our double degree course. The double graduate will be able to apply for public examinations to become a civil servant working as a teacher in primary and secondary education for the Department of Education.

With regard to semi-state and private centres, the profile of teacher specialised in Physical Education meets the needs of the different educational stages that this type of centres offer. This implies an added value for the faculty and the organization of the centre. Therefore, this professional, after completing the corresponding secondary teaching master’s course, can teach Physical Education classes in the educational stages of primary, secondary and vocational training.

Besides, graduates will also have the job opportunities particular to both degrees:

Degree course in Primary Education:

  • Early Childhood and Primary Education Centres (Primary Education)
  • Interdisciplinary teams in educational services
  • Administrations
  • Non-formal education
  • Attention to Childhood Centres
  • Hospital classrooms
  • Penitentiary facilities
  • Mass media
  • Adult education
  • Family spaces
  • Educational services companies
  • Religion teachers*

(*) By taking DECA (Ecclesiastic Declaration of Academic Competence) subjects

Degree course in Sports Sciences:

Teacher in secondary education and vocational training; they have to complete the official master’s course in Teacher Training (specialisation in Physical Education)

  • Management of sports entities and clubs
  • Physical training and personal training
  • Management and administration of nature sports companies
  • Design and management of ecotourism programmes
  • Management of sports competitions
  • Creation and management of sports services companies: facilities, material, resources, organization, etc.
  • Intervention in designing physical activity in health centres
  • Management and technical coordination of sports competition teams
  • Management in public administration and official agencies
  • Management and coordination of physical activity programmes for specific groups: the elderly, readjustment, children, youth, people with disabilities, drug addicts, inmates, etc
  • Design of motor readjustment programmes for athletes in a rehabilitation process
  • Sports trainer