Length of program 5 years
Timetable morning and afternoon
Internships compulsory
Application Open
Modality On-site


The main purpose of the Final Degree Project (FDP) is to evaluate the integration of the basic competences acquired during the degree programme. It essentially consists of developing a study or project of an interdisciplinary, cross-curricular, descriptive or analytic nature, generally associated to the different subjects, which allows students to demonstrate that they have integrated the competences of their double degree programme. 

The curriculum of the double degree course includes the development of two final degree projects, corresponding to the degree in Primary Education and the degree in Sports Sciences. In this sense, we ensure that students acquire their maximal potential in the competences of both degrees.

The competences to be developed while carrying out the FDP, in line with the curriculum of both degrees, are the following:

General competences:

  • To be responsible for one’s own learning process and develop skills independently and autonomously.
  • To generate innovative, competitive proposals in research and/or in their professional activity.

Cross-curricular competences:

  • To organise and programme with the aim of establishing a plan to be developed within a given period.
  • To seek, evaluate, organise and maintain information systems.
  • To express oneself fluently, coherently and appropriately given the norms established the scientific community, both orally and in writing.
  • To design and manage projects.
  • To have developed learning skills necessary to continue with further studies with a high level of autonomy.

With regard to the degree in Primary Education, the FDP springs from a concept of the teacher as a thoughtful professional, with intellectual and research interests, who explores the educational experience with the aim of introducing contributions to improve both its practical and theoretical aspects. This idea of a professional corresponds to a teacher as an agent for change and transformation, and goes far beyond the idea of a technician who only applies methods and procedures as indicated in the educational curriculum. The teacher that is able to carry out some reflective educational practice and to use action-research in the classroom becomes a discerning teacher. A teacher that does not depend only on the opinion of experts to develop their task but is able to create a pedagogical body.

With regard to the degree in Sports Sciences, the FDP aims at studying further some topics as chosen by the student freely. In this sense, the student’s capacity to develop an original, innovative intervention proposal in some field of sports sciences is assessed. Furthermore, within the FDP, we promote the student’s entrepreneurship spirit with creative initiatives with a view, among others, to self-employment. This project will have an important dimension of gathering all the learning acquired throughout the degree course, pointing at the significance of the different subjects of the syllabus in the project. The student’s autonomy and responsibility in the development of the project will be essential to achieve the competences worked on.


The FDP will be developed in two semesters, and will be monitored by a teacher/tutor, both individually and in seminar sessions. Therefore, there will be a weekly 2-hour space where the teacher/tutor will carry out group seminar sessions to talk about the student’s current process: sequencing and organizing the activity, choosing the topic, collecting information, planning activities, etc. These seminar sessions will combine with individualized follow-up/tutorials, where every tutor will carry out personalised follow-up of the student’s work. Every seminar group will consist of 10 students and a tutor, with attendance being compulsory for all the group members.

In one of the semesters, preferably in the first, there will be two new learning settings: Classroom work in big group (2h/week) and small group (2h/week), in order to develop topics related to research and/or applied statistical methods so that students can have a greater methodological support to develop their FDP.

If students are participating in an international mobility programme, then their FDP could be totally or partially monitored on-line.

Participation in the Students’ Congress

Last-year students are the main protagonists of the Students’ Congress at FPCEE Blanquerna-URL, which has been held for nineteen years. The Congress is part of the scientific communication process promoted by the FDP. It takes place in October, and the best FDPs of the previous year are presented there.

Website for the FPCEE Blanquerna-URL Students’ Congress