Length of program 4 years
Timetable morning or afternoon
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Degree DirectorMarta Valentín, PhD
Application opened academic year 2022-23
Modality On-site

The Faculty of Health Sciences Blanquerna URL favors the personal teacher-student, in a climate of dialogue and participation to promote the creative potential and stimulate critical thinking.

Students receive training in humanistic and interdisciplinary character, five blocks from teaching: lectures, seminars, classrooms, theoretical and practical classes, internships and the possibility of studying abroad.

The degree in physiotherapy students become professionals who have experienced the reality of the profession from day one.


Devoted to matters of theory taught by teachers who excels in the field of teaching and research, and are working professionals.

Theoretical and practical classroom

Classes are small groups dedicated to developing knowledge and instrumental skills and Practice of the profession, professional environment by simulating the resolution of cases and clinical situations.

Small-groups seminars

Seminars are subject Blanquerna own centers where there is a custom tracking of students, it encourages initiative and skills are developed specific academic and professional discipline of physiotherapy. In the seminars we work with a methodology based on learning based on problem solving, learn to resolve situations related to health through information search, the approach to solutions, discuss and work team, tracking a teacher and tutor in groups of 8-10 people.


In the last two years, all students take practice to implement the acquired knowledge and experience to fit into the professional world.
We have agreements with over 240 health centers, and educational partnerships where students conduct clinical stays. It is estimated that 40% of graduates end up getting work from the practices.

Study Abroad

Students have the opportunity to benefit from various exchange programs with other universities abroad and internship abroad once the race (Erasmus, Leonardo, Seneca ...).