Length of program 1 year
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorDr. David Simó
Application Open
Modality On-site


The curriculum of the University Master’s in Attending to Diversity and Inclusive Education gives the Practicum a prime role in students’ training. The Practicum is a chance to put the lessons learned in the Master’s into practice. The Practicum offers meaningful contact with the professional world and is therefore a major source of both professional and personal enrichment. It also helps graduates to develop the critical and self-critical capacities needed to ask questions and thus become an essential engine for scholarly research and for academic and professional development as a whole.

Master’s students must participate in a practicum throughout the entire academic year in an authorised educational institution registered by the Department of Education for a total of 6 ECTS (which means a minimum of 120 hours of external practices and 150 hours of student work). At these centres, students will carry out the same activities that they will later perform as special education professionals, including programming adapted teaching units, educational intervention, seminars on case studies and writing reports. Students will be mentored by a professor from the Master’s programme, and different seminar sessions are held in a group with other students from the Master’s who are also involved in the Practicum. In this way the learning at the Practicum centres will be reinforced through sessions in which participants will reflect on the interventions carried out, the experiences of the rest of the group in their own centres, etc.

If a student already works at an educational institution, this work may be recognised for the Practicum by following the procedures outlined in article 6, point 2 of Royal Decree 861/2010 dated the 3rd of July 2010 (BOE, no. 161, sec. I, page 58456), provided that the work and professional experience accredited is related to the inherent competences of this module. For recognition of the Practicum, students must turn a request for recognition into the coordinator of the Master’s, along with a certificate of their work history or job contract which accredits at least three years of work experience at a school which attends to diversity. The educational institutions in the Practicum belong to the network of educational centres/institutions of the Blanquerna-URL Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences. The participating institutions include:

  • Aspace
  • CEE Taiga
  • CEIP Orlandai
  • Fasia-Eixample
  • Carrilet
  • Escola Tàber
  • Escola El Sagrer
  • CRE of the ONCE in Barcelona
  • Sants Innocents
  • Esclat
  • Equip d’assessorament
  • Escola Costa i Llovera
  • Escola Folch i Torres
  • CEE Guru
  • CEE Gimbarda
  • CEIP Lavínia


Regulations for external placements in FPCEE Blanquerna-URL master's courses