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FPCEE - Escola d'estiu objectiu la terra

Blanquerna summer conference for teachers: "Target the Earth, how to improve it from space!"

July 11, 2023

Last week, the Blanquerna 2023 Summer School was held, entitled "Target the Earth, how to improve it from space!".

More than one hundred and eighty teachers actively participated in this course, dedicated to training them in digital teaching skills. The conference was a unique opportunity to examine in greater depth the knowledge needed to face the educational challenges of the future.

Attendees had the opportunity to explore the foundations of the educational transformation and acquire fundamental new digital skills. Innovative tools such as artificial intelligence, programming and virtual reality were presented, these being considered key to effective modern education.

The training program offered a wide range of hands-on activities and projects designed to develop teachers' digital skills. Through practical workshops and interactive sessions, participants learned how to use new technologies to improve the teaching-learning process.

The Blanquerna Summer School is known for its high standards in teacher training and because, year after year, it provides education professionals with innovative resources. Through this conference, Blanquerna has demonstrated, once again, its commitment to preparing teachers to tackle the educational challenges of the 21st century.

You can find more information about the activities of the Blanquerna Summer School and other training programs at this link.

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