Length of program 1 year
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorDr. David Simó
Application Open
Modality On-site

Career opportunities

The University Master’s in Attending to Diversity and Inclusive Education trains graduates to be able to work as:

  • Support teacher or instructor in preschool and primary school and in the first cycle of compulsory secondary education (*).
  • Teacher at public or private schools specialised in special education (*).
  • Teacher in attending to diversity at public or private preschool and primary schools (*).
  • Hospital classroom teacher at benchmark hospital centres where such a service has been created (*).
  • Teacher at different social centres, either public or private, where children with special support needs receive care (*).
  • Psychosocial or educational associations or services which attend to individuals with functional diversity (occupational workshops, job placement, social guarantee programmes, programmes to help individuals transition to adult, working life, etc.).
  • Tutor in specific centres or services.
  • Training centres (workshop classrooms, outside schooling units, etc.).

This master’s course also empowers students to develop their doctoral thesis and subsequent university academic/professional career (diploma holders should take 60 ECTS more in order to have access to PhD courses).

(*) As long as the graduate also holds the corresponding degree, with the appropriate specialization or qualification according to the regulations currently established in Royal Decree 476/2013, of 21 June.