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Master in Global Communication Leadership

Pre-enrollment open

Classe GCM, biblioteca fcri
  • Modality
  • Languages
  • Duration
    1 academic year
  • Credits
  • Date
    October 14, 2024
  • Shifts
    Late afternoon/Evening
  • Planning

    Monday to Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Places
  • Location

    Blanquerna-URL - Plaça Joan Coromines. 08001 Barcelona

  • Faculty

    School of Communication and International Relations

Who is it for?

Do you have the commitment, passion for communication and thirst for knowledge to join our programme? We are looking for communication graduates and professionals eager to improve their skills in the most demanded communication-related profiles. Through an innovative methodology based on applied projects, innovation & theory classes, plus practical and soft skills, we will prepare you for the jobs of the future.

Escales de la Facultat de Ciències de la Salut

Great areas to grow professionally

The extensive experience of the School's teaching staff and their permanent contact with professional practice have enabled us to constantly update the content of the course.

Global Business and Communication Management

Understanding of business models for international brands and the role of communication management in each one of them. Studies of global business strategies, finances and analytics, with a special attention at the role of data and business intelligence

Global Product Manager

This professional role is in charge of ensuring that a product or service (understood in a broad way) meets the needs and preferences of the target market. Connects product development with marketing, being able to identify audience segments, conduct user research and product testing, promoting positioning, messaging and marketing campaigns

Strategic Brand Manager

This professional role is in charge of overseeing the development and execution of a brand strategy for an organization or product. This means, to align brand image and brand identity from a corporate and consumer perspective

If you choose the master degree in Communication: brand, product and management at Blanquerna, you choose...

A guaranteed future career.

Strengthening your professional profile abroad, in a company that operates globally or in an intercultural context.

Developing a executive mindset in professional profiles related to communication.

Knowing the future trends and innovations in the field of international communication.

Preparing you to work in the most sought-after management and communication positions.

Working on strategic thinking and understanding its impact on global companies and institutions.

Professional internships provided by the School, in leading companies in the sector.

A School made up of leading active professionals.

Personalized attention; quality training in small groups.

Career guidance at the end of the course and support from the Blanquerna Alumni network.

Estudiants a classe FCRI

Excellence, key data


of occupational integration

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agreements with companies


international university agreements


taught in English


Academic information

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Our programme offers you the specialization you need to achieve a successful career in a wide range of global communication and managerial fields. Combines applied projects with classes on innovation, professional and soft skills, as well as strategic thinking, business and management.

Global Business & Communication Management:

Theory and innovation (3ECTS)
Knowledge, professional skills & tools (3ECTS)
Soft skills (3ECTS)
Applied Project (3 ECTS)

Global Product Manager:

Theory and innovation (3ECTS)
Knowledge, professional skills & tools (3ECTS)
Soft skills (3ECTS)
Applied Project (4 ECTS)

Strategic Brand Manager:

Theory and innovation (3ECTS)
Knowledge, professional skills & tools (3ECTS)
Soft skills (3ECTS)
Applied Project (4 ECTS)

Final Project (10 ECTS)
Internship (12 ECTS)

Esquema màster FCRI international comm

Internships in International Communication

External internships at companies and institutions are a key part of our learning process. They represent the student's direct contact with the professional world where they will be able to apply the knowledge acquired at university. Internships provide the student with an overview of the communication and operating dynamics of the medium, company, or institution where they are receiving work experience. The School has agreements with upwards of 1,200 companies where students are prepared to enter the working world.

An internship in an environment fully adapted to your interests and availability

Based on interviews with students, each academic year we establish new agreements for cooperation with companies and organizations directly related to the professional field of the master degree. The internship will be customized to the characteristics of each student, taking both academic aspects and availability into account.

Objectives of the internship

Apply your new skills in a real work environment

Specialize in the sector or market of your preference

Increase your network and personal branding

Internships at the SCIR

The master degree ensures that each student will be able to do an internship within a company in a position related to their sector.

Each student will have a bachelor degree advisor who will ensure they comply with the internship's objectives and make the most of the experience.

Where can you do your internship?

Master degree thesis

The thesis is a means of checking the students' capacity to integrate the learning acquired throughout the master degree program (both material and instrumental: argumentation, critical analysis, autonomous working) and the in-depth study of one of their areas of knowledge.

The Final Master Project allows you to apply to a real case all knowledge acquired during your classes, applied projects and internships.

The Final Master Project must be developed within one of the areas approached in the master (Global Business and Communication Management, Global Product Manager, Strategic Brand Manager). The work must include an original analysis, through which the students can explore the aforementioned skills and knowledge, applying this to a real case study and/or analyzing future professional trends. Each student will agree with his/her tutor the specific goals and objectives of the FMP. Is recommended that students decide this during the first months of the masters, so their three applied projects are related to the overall goal of the FMP.

The thesis is understood as an evolutionary process under the guidance of the thesis supervisor. This process consists of four consecutive phases (each of which provides knowledge and skills relevant to the students' learning): training, preparation, writing and oral defense.

The thesis is followed up by means of regular tutorials with the professor supervising it, including final approval of bibliographic research and data collection, discussing the project with the supervisor and writing the text itself.

The thesis grade is given in a single report, although it is calculated in two parts: assessment of the thesis by the supervisor (50% of the grade) and assessment of the thesis by the panel made up of three members, preferably from the master degree teaching staff, as well as possible external experts (50% of the grade).

Career Path

The master degree in International Communication has a broad career path, with a very diverse range of job opportunities.

fcri stock

Global product manager

fcri stock

Strategic brand manager

fcri stock

Communications manager

fcri stock

Marketing specialists

Companies that trust our master degree students

Apartool · African Federation for Emergency Medicine · EADA · Expansoo · Interprofit · Just For Fun 360 · Play the game Agency · Qnary · Pauta Media · Raventós I Blanc (can Sumoi) · Sampling Innovations Europe · Sistemes de Restauració de Catalunya · The Label Edition · The Rendon Group · Value Retail Management Spain (La Roca Village) · British Chamber of Commerce · Futbol Club Barcelona · Laboratorios Ferrer Infernacional · The Label Edition · Galeria Mayoral · Acos Alliance · Mes Advocats · Bové Montero · Pierre & Vacances · UNHCR · Rabat · TOUS Aigües de Barcelona · Lima Appareil · Bocetto

Alumnes a la Graduació Blanquerna 2019

A direct link to your future career

Our work doesn't finish the moment you graduate. The Alumni department will support you to enable us to achieve an employment rate of 90% of students in the first year after graduation

State-of-the-art equipment at the student's disposal

All the services you need during your course


Application process

To access the master degree and/or university specialization diplomas, you must hold an official Spanish university degree, or a degree from another country in the European Higher Education Area. These studies are also open to students with a degree issued by an education system outside the European Higher Education Area, who do not need to have it approved, provided that the level of training is equivalent to that of an official Spanish degree and that, in the country of origin, the degree gives access to graduate studies. However, admission does not in any case imply the convalidation of the degree or any other type of recognition beyond allowing the student to access master and graduate studies at the University. Furthermore, these courses are open to people who do not have a degree but who, due to their professional or personal background, are considered qualified to take them. In these cases, the degree they will obtain will be a university extension.


Students will pre-enroll online (by accessing Pre-enrollment | Blanquerna or the pre-enrollment option for each course). You can also pre-enroll in person at the School. During the process, the candidate must submit the required documentation:

  • ID card, passport or NIE residence card.
  • CV

There is no charge for this procedure. When the pre-enrollment process has been completed, you will obtain a receipt with pre-enrollment details and a pre-enrollment code (CIB).​


When pre-enrollment has been completed, the candidate will be offered a date for an interview with the director and/or coordinator of the master degree, who will assess their suitability and resolve any doubts they may have about the course for which they are enrolling. For the selection of candidates the following will be taken into account:

  • Academic transcript
  • Personal interview
  • Professional experience

Once the assessment is complete, the student will be informed of the result of the interview and how to enroll, if admitted. Once admission has been confirmed, the candidate will have to pay €100 as a reservation fee, using the same application via which pre-enrollment was processed. This amount will be considered a reservation fee and will be deducted from the total price of enrollment when it is formalized. Payment is by credit or debit card using a secure, confidential process. The amount paid as a reservation fee will not be refunded under any circumstances, unless the course is canceled.


Enrollment is the final step in the procedure to access the master degree. Students will be informed individually of the enrollment date. When enrollment is complete, with payment of the corresponding fee, the student will have definitively secured a place. If the student leaves the course, the enrollment fee will not be refunded in any case. The School reserves the right to cancel any courses for which the required minimum number of enrolled students has not been reached. In this case, the amount paid for enrollment will be refunded in full.

Documentation to be provided:

  • Certified photocopy of the degree certificate or certified photocopy of the university studies completed.
  • Official academic certification (list of subjects studied with their grade).
  • Current account number for direct debit.

When students enroll, they will have two business days to pay the total cost of enrollment, by bank transfer, credit card or barcode. Studies can be paid in installments, without any interest, by bank transfer. If payment by installment is selected, students will have two business days following completion of enrollment to pay 33.3% of the total cost of the enrolled credits, using their chosen form of payment; this payment cannot be made by direct debit. The remaining 66.4% is split into two monthly installments, in January and March, payable by direct debit using the bank account number provided upon enrollment.

Master degrees in Entertainment Television Programs and in Music and Sound for Gestmusic Entertainment Projects can split payment into 5 installments (50% enrollment fee, 15%, 15% and 10%, 10%). The first receipt is paid at the time of enrollment by bank transfer and the rest is paid in installments from November to February by direct debit.

School alumni are given a 15% discount on the enrollment fee (non-cumulative discount). Distinctions obtained in the fourth academic year of the bachelor degree are not eligible for a discount in own master degrees and graduate studies. Prices are updated each academic year. Once enrollment is complete, the amount paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.​

When a student enrolls, a contract for the provision of teaching services is formalized between the student and the Blanquerna Foundation, which is legally binding from the time of payment. Payment includes the corresponding insurance and, for students under the age of twenty-eight, compulsory academic insurance. If a student declines to take up a place, he/she will lose in full any amount he/she has paid. The student accepts the rules for the use of computer services established by the Blanquerna Foundation. The student's personal data will be included in an automated file under the responsibility of the Blanquerna Foundation, so that this contract can be maintained and fulfilled. Students should note that their data may also be used to inform them about the future activities of the Foundation, or for the institution to send them publications. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the protection of personal data, students have the right to access their data to update, rectify or cancel them, or object to their use, by sending a letter, indicating which right they want to exercise.

This section is a summary of the general conditions for enrollment. It is only for guidance and therefore has no contractual value. In the event of any discrepancy, the provisions of the general conditions for enrollment specified in the receipt generated at the time of enrollment will prevail; this receipt formalizes the contract between the student and the Blanquerna Foundation; students can consult it on the intranet whenever they wish.

Foreign students

The School reserves the right to ask candidates with qualifications obtained outside the EES for a letter from their university, embassy or consulate to certify that their studies enable them to pursue a master degree or graduate studies. Students are responsible for having all the official documentation necessary for their stay in Spain while studying at the School. Applicants can ask for a pre-acceptance document attached to the pre-enrollment receipt to initiate applications for visas or scholarships or carry out any other administrative procedure. Under no circumstances does this document guarantee a place if all the access and admission requirements are not met. Once applicants have been accepted and enrollment is complete, they can request a letter of admission from the Academic Secretary, if required, by paying the corresponding fees.

Contact us

For any doubts or queries about the pre-enrollment or enrollment process, please contact the School's Student Information and Orientation Service.
[email protected]

We make it easy for you to access the studies you want

The course is paid for in installments without any interest. At the time of enrollment, 50% of the total cost of the enrolled credits is paid*; the remaining 50% is split into nine monthly installments (from October to June) payable by direct debit.

Tuition fee for the 2024-25 academic year

8.650,2 €
Tuition fee for the entire course
Tuition fee per credit
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