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Academic information SCIR UMD tutorial action plan

Tutorial action plan

Master degree student intake process

From the time of admission to the School, students can avail of the guidance and assistance of the Master Degree directors and coordinators.

Students receive information about the organization of the academic program and the pre-enrollment and enrollment process at interviews held with the academic directors or the coordinator of the Master Degree. Individual interviews conclude with a guided tour of the School facilities.

Students holding a degree in a discipline other than Communication or Social Sciences are informed of the conditions of the supplementary training module at the interview. Once enrolled, the coordinator advises students through organizing the program of content of the supplementary training module each student has to take on a personalized basis depending on their admission profile.

Support and guidance systems for enrolled students

On the first day of the academic year, students are invited to a presentation session of the Master Degree, with the Master Degree directors and coordinator, as well as the Vice-Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and the Master Degree and Graduate Studies Coordinator. There, they are provided with all the necessary written information to get familiar with the shifts and schedules, as well as with the School's organization chart. From the very beginning, students get to know the persons in charge of the various areas of the center.

After the presentation of the academic year, students have the first session with the directors and coordinator of the Master Degree, which constitutes the first level of guidance and assistance for newly enrolled students. During this first session, students are provided with the academic year timetable and curricula of the subjects in the different modules, and they are also informed of the assessment criteria that will be applied. Students receive continuous information about the curriculum, professors and lecturers, and the assessment of the course, by the Master Degree coordinator.

Throughout the semester, the coordinator monitors each student's adaptation, their academic process and learning outcomes in all the courses until obtaining the degree, and guides them in resolving any aspect related to their academic life. This follow-up takes the form of several individualized tutorials held throughout the academic year.

Follow-up and tutoring of the master degree thesis

One of the mainstays of the Master Degree tutorial action plan is Thesis follow-up, which begins with the appointment of the Thesis director. Each student has a Master Degree Thesis director who guides them in the professional or research aspects of the proposal presented during an initial tutorial held with the coordinator.

In order to guarantee the Master Degree objectives are reached in the time provided, with the delivery and public defense of the Master Degree Thesis in the same academic year, the procedure for tutoring the Thesis is outlined at several working meetings with the Thesis director throughout the course.

Follow-up and tutoring of internships at companies

External internships put the student in touch with the reality of communication management. Starting with an interview with the Master Degree coordinator, the period and location of internships are defined on a personalized basis. Students are advised by a faculty member who oversees the proper implementation of internships and provides each student with the information and guidance necessary for the development of their professional career.

In the case of internships supervised by both the collaborating body or company and the internship advisor, their assessment is based on the briefings and report submitted by the various parties involved. The student, in addition to regular contacts with their internship advisor, must submit a report of the internship completed. The collaborating company must also send an assessment report on the activities carried out by the intern.


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