Specialization Diploma in Communication and Marketing in Social Action

Meeting Virtual
Credits 30 ECTS
Degree DirectorLlum Delàs - Dra. Judith Mata
Application Open
Modality On-site
Price 2950€

This Specialization Diploma is taught in Spanish or Catalan. For further information, please consult the Specialization Diploma web page in Spanish or Catalan.  

The University Ramon Llull, in the top 125 in the world in Social Sciences and Management

The University Ramon Llull, in the top 100 of graduate employability, according to the Times Higher Education rankings


Creation of a common space for professionalization and collaboration among social action entities and companies.

This course was designed in the laboratory format "Lab", in which the study of marketing and communication is approached through experience and through the development of a real project, applied to a social entity, ideally the same one in which the participant collaborates during the course. This Lab mode permits a better integration between theory and practice while developing teamwork, with role plays and simulations, work committees with experts, exchange of opinions with experts, etc.


  • To learn the basics of communication, marketing and its tools to professionalize these tasks in Social Action entities.
  • To develop the necessary skills for effective and efficient practice.
  • To learn the needs and the tools that may be useful for lucrative businesses with regard to their CSR programs, corporate volunteering and for the transmission of values to their stakeholders.
  • To know the current state of the network of Social Action entities in order to promote and establish a cooperative environment.
  • To create strategic and tactical alliances that are sustainable between the lucrative sector and that of Social Action, covering the objectives of both sectors.

Addressed to nonprofit small and medium-size Social Action companies

  • This diploma is primarily addressed to professionals working in small and medium-sized non-profit entities in the area of Social Action, whether as an employee or a volunteer.
  • This diploma defines the area of the Social Action as that of all private voluntary organizations and non-profit organizations that promote the development and empowerment of people in disadvantaged situations.

With the participation of a network of sponsor companies

  • The diploma proposes a way for companies to propose sponsorship as a form of donation. The participation of companies permits them to:
  1. Promote the social values of the company through first-hand knowledge of its needs and working with the entities in a collaborative manner.
  2. Establish a strategic alliance with a social entity that facilitates the development of their CSR programs or of corporate volunteering, adapted to its interests and needs.