Degree DirectorJordi Vilaró, PhD
Application opened
Modality On-site

The programme of the Doctorate in Health, Wellbeing and Bioethics

The programme is organised on the basis of two areas of activity: training in research and learning activities of a transversal nature. All training processes combine online activities, specialist seminars and project-discussion groups.

Research training activities

  • Advanced methodology in quantative research
  • Advanced methodology in qualitative research
  • Scientific publishing and circulation of information

Training activities of a transversal nature

  • Bibliographic management workshop
  • Scientific research workshop
  • Doctorate student workshops in which doctorate students will have to give a formal presentation of the state of their research
  • Attending conferences and other scientific meetings
  • State of research. Mobility. 

Training complements

If the programme Academic Commission considers that the initial profile of the doctorate student needs to be enhanced with further training formats, because of his / her background or the line of research to be developed, one of the following training complements are suggested:

  • Research methodology seminars in healthcare Science and Bioethics
  • Bioethics seminar