Degree DirectorJordi Vilaró, PhD
Application opened
Modality On-site

Price and support

Year 2021-2022

The Price of enrolment regarding the doctorate and thesis tuition (research period): 955€ per year.

Discounts: 7%, master’s alumni, for each year enrolled, with a maximum of 4.

Candidates admitted onto the doctorate programme who have to take Training Complements or the Research Methodology module will have to enrol on these modules. 

Students who apply for a loan to finance the study programme via banks that collaborate with the Blanquerna Foundation will have to communicate this when enrolling, so that the university’s administration service can provide the document to be presented to the corresponding bank.

Financing the study programme

To facilitate access to Blanquerna’s study options, the student has a range of possibilities to obtain important economic support with scholarships and financial support and via the careers service.

Blanquerna Research Scholarships
Scholarships offered by Blanquerna-URL within the framework of its general research plan and doctorate aimed at doctorate students in order to promote the development of young researchers and provide support for research groups. Each scholarship is published in the newsletter.

FI Scholarships
Scholarships made available by the Agency of University Financial Support and Research of the Department of Innovation, Universities and Research (AGAUR) aimed at doctorate students at Catalan universities with the aim of giving them new research personnel while developing a research project and, therefore, providing those skills that are characteristic of a researcher. These are offered on an annual basis and are published in the DOGC.

BE scholarships– modality A
Scholarships offered by AGAUR of the Department of Innovation, Universities and Research aimed at doctorate students of Catalan universities who have finished their university education and wish to be involved in a short-term period of research in universities or research centres in foreign countries. These are offered annually and published in the DOGC.

FPI scholarships
Scholarships offered by the Ministry of Science and Innovation  related to support for research projects of the National Programme of Fundamental Research Projects within the framework of National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Programmes. The programme includes support for brief periods in other research centres. These are offered annually and published in the DOGC.

La Caixa scholarships for study programmes in Spanish universities
The Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona Foundation offers scholarships, aiming to contribute to the enhancement of human potential within all fields and with a commitment to scientific progress, research, mobility and professional development which are key to the development of a society. These scholarships are aimed at young Spanish researchers who wish to become doctors at any Spanish university with doctorate studies and recognised for excellence. Further information is published on the web de La Caixa.