Degree DirectorJordi Vilaró, PhD
Application opened
Modality On-site

Admission to the Doctorate

This Doctorate study programme trains high level researchers by providing an insight into research methodologies, techniques and skills. The Doctorate concludes with the elaboration and presentation of a doctoral thesis that consists of an original project of research monitored by a recognised doctor as a certified researcher. Passing this course will lead to the award of Doctor by the Universitat Ramon Llull, representing the highest level of tertiary education. Access to such doctorate studies requires prior completion of the Master qualification or achieving 60 credits in official postgraduate programmes. Whatever the case, the student must have completed a minimum of 300 credits between degree and postgraduate studies to access the doctorate programme.

Consult the admissions process (Access prerequisites, admission criteria, pre-enrolment and enrolment) for the Doctorate in Healthcare, Wellbeing and Bioethics.