Màster Universitari en Estudis Avançats d'Afers Internacionals

Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs

On-line ApplicationMeeting Virtual
Length of program 1 year
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorDra. Valeria Bello
CoordinationProf. Federico Guerrero, Prof. Onno Seroo

Application Open
Price 8074.80€

The teaching sessions are given completely in English.

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The University Ramon Llull, in the top 100 of graduate employability, according to the Times Higher Education rankings



The Official Master's degree in Advanced Studies in International Affairs replaces the Master's degree in International Relations, which has been given for two academic years, and represents continuity (expanded and enhanced) of a project that began in 2012 with the creation of the Degree in International Relations. As such, the Master's degree is the result of 9 years of academic experience in the field of International Relations. Blanquerna has been the pioneer in Catalonia, not only in offering studies at  Degree and Postgraduate level in International Relations, but also by offering them in English.

The Master's degree offers a global and transdisciplinary approach to the main actors of international relations and to the great challenges which they face. A complex combination of agenda and actors (complex already by themselves and still more in combination) that can only be faced with the tools of versatile, transversality and simultaneously structured learning. A versatility that is brought by the three academic pillars on which the program is built: the politological, the economic and the legal. A transversality determined by the application of these three pillars to diverse geopolitical realities and to diverse subject-matters, for example security, cooperation, development, etc. And a structure that seeks to generate knowledge in a sequential and incremental form across the configuration of its modules. In this way, the objective of the Master's degree is the education of professionals who can offer a novel outlook in the field of the International Relations, as well as for researchers who by means of their specialized and applied knowledge, contribute to its understanding.

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The Master's degree is principally directed towards two types of public:

  • to graduates in International Relations or other disciplines of the Social sciences (Political Sciences, Sociology, Economic Sciences, Law, History, etc.) that want to consolidate and develop their theoretical and practical knowledge of International Relations;
  • to active professionals in International Relations that require a regulated and structured training to extend their knowledge and to improve their professional performance.

So that the students assimilate and consolidate the knowledge and acquire diverse skills in the field of the International Relations, the curriculum of the Master's degree covers a wide set of topics and perspectives that are structured in three main blocks:

  1. Political, legal and economic essentials of international studies and their alignment with diverse geopolitical realities
  2. Studies of Peace and Conflicts
  3. New challenges of the international agenda (with special implications to development and terrorism)

Beyond the content and orientation of the course, the Master's degree also emphasizes the following aspects:

  • The teaching faculty is composed of persons with a wide academic and professional track record in the different areas of International Relations, a fact that favours the synergies and continuous feedback between theory and practice, and gives the studies a rigorous and professional direction.
  • The Master's degree offers professional internships in institutions, organizations and companies linked to International Relations.
  • The student must complete a final task for the Master's degree that consists of either a research project or a practical application of some topic from the field of the international relations.

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