University Expert in Maxillofacial Physiotherapy

On-line Application
Length of program October 2020 – June 2021
Timetable from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will be distributed in 10 three-day seminars (Fri, Sat and Sun), except for two of the two-day seminars (Sat and Sun)
Credits 26 ECTS
Degree DirectorAnna Montmany | Fernando Ruiz
Application Open
Price 2600€

This master's degree is taught in Spanish or Catalan. For further information, please consult the master's degree web page in Spanish or Catalan.  

A program that incorporates new models of maxillofacial approaches

The physiotherapist is becoming more and more frequent in the units of neurology, maxillofacial, dentistry and ORL, where the conservative approach to the different dysfunctions and pathologies is absolutely necessary.

The clinical character, the scientific and the person-based spirit make of this an innovative training within the international educational landscape.

The new title of University Expert in Maxillofacial Physiotherapy is a professional program, designed to train physiotherapists in the knowledge, skills and abilities of maxillofacial approach.


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