Research Group on Health, Physical Activity and Sport (SAFE)


Recognised by the Generalitat of Catalonia as a consolidated research group

The Research Group on Health, Physical Activity and Sport (SAFE) focuses on the study on different aspects of physical activity and sport related to health. It develops the following research topics: physical activity and health in specific populations, adapted physical activity, dance and body expression, motor and cognitive behaviour, genetics and genomics, sports training and performance, prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries, education, curriculum and sport (dual career), movement analysis, nutrition and health.

This group consists of researchers from Blanquerna-URL School of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences and from Blanquerna-URL School of Health Sciences. It is recognised by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR), Generalitat of Catalonia, as a consolidated group (2017 SGR 01232).

Main researcher

Maria Giné-Garriga. Physiotherapist and PhD in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Full professor of Physical Activity and Health at FPCEE Blanquerna-URL. Senior researcher at Glasgow Caledonian University.