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We make Blanquerna a safe space

Blanquerna has prepared the spaces and organized the schedules to ensure that students and teachers gather in the classrooms, while also holding online teaching sessions. Our goal is to ensure the quality of teaching and services that Blanquerna has always offered, but, in particular, to preserving the health of all parties involved.

Here you will find the specific prevention plans for each of the Blanquerna-URL spaces; these plans were drawn up by the Inter-center Health and Safety Committee and the management teams of each School. You can also find advice for good preventive practices and mandatory measures for the staff, students and visitors.

Alumna al control de plató
Macareta. Prevenció covid-19


It is mandatory to use of an approved facemask in the Blanquerna buildings.

Rentat de mans. Prevenció covid-19

Hand washing

You should wash your hands regularly, either with hydro alcoholic gel (which is distributed throughout the school facilities) or with soap and water (in the bathrooms).

Mantenir la distància. Prevenció covid-19

Minimum distance

You should keep a minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters. Depending on the space and the activity to be carried out, the distance may be reduced while strengthening the remaining prevention measures.

Circulació. Prevenció covid-19


Signposts restrict circulation in the buildings to avoid concentration of people. Directions must be respected, as indicated in the corridors and stairs of the Schools.

Menjar. Prevenció covid-19


It is forbidden to eat outside the designated areas (dining room, bar), all indications must be followed in those areas.

Evitar concentracions

Concentration of people

Concentrations of people in corridors and common areas must be avoided. People must enter and exit from classrooms in an orderly succession, always keeping the interpersonal distance.

Action plan in case of symptoms

Appearance of symptoms at the School:
If any member of the educational community presents symptoms of COVID-19 while at the school, they must follow the established protocol:

  • Contact a member of the faculty or the coordination staff.
  • The affected person will be isolated in a separate room equipped for these cases and will be provided with a surgical facemask if they are not wearing an approved facemask.
  • The event will be reported to 061. Follow the instructions provided.
  • The student or professor will not resume in-person activities until otherwise indicated, always with a prior medical assessment.
  • The affected person will comply with all the corresponding medical prescriptions.
  • If the symptoms are severe (including breathing difficulty), call 112.

Appearance of symptoms outside the School:
Those who experience symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in close contact with a positive case, should follow the corresponding protocol:

  • Such situation must be notified to the center, and in-person attendance will be avoided if a positive case is likely.
  • Call 061 and follow the instructions.
  • Do not resume in-person activity until otherwise indicated, always with a prior medical assessment.
  • Comply with medical prescriptions.

Contact in case of COVID-19

School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences

School of Health Sciences

School of Communication and International Relations

General Services. La Tamarita building


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