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SAFE: Health, Physical Activity and Sport Research Group

The Health, Physical Activity and Sport Research Group (SAFE) focuses its studies on different aspects of physical activity and sport relating to health. It conducts the following lines of research:

  • physical activity and health in specific populations
  • adapted physical activity
  • dance and bodily expression
  • motor and cognitive behavior
  • genetics and genomics
  • sports training and performance
  • prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries
  • education, curriculum and sport (double major)
  • movement analysis, nutrition and health

This group is made up of researchers from the Blanquerna School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences and the Blanquerna School of Health Sciences. It is recognized by the Government of Catalonia's Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) as a consolidated group (2017 SGR 01232).

Grup de Recerca en Salut, Activitat Física i Esport
Fernhall Bo

Fernhall Bo

Assistant Researcher
Xavier Garcia Masso

Xavier Garcia Masso

Assistant Researcher
Marco Inzitari

Marco Inzitari

Assistant Researcher
Casimiro Francisco Javierre Garces

Casimiro Francisco Javierre Garces

Assistant Researcher
Jordi Lobo Sastre

Jordi Lobo Sastre

Assistant Researcher
Eloisa Martínez Torregrosa

Eloisa Martínez Torregrosa

Assistant Researcher
Dawn Alexandra Skelton

Dawn Alexandra Skelton

Assistant Researcher
Viswanath Balagopalan Unnithan

Viswanath Balagopalan Unnithan

Assistant Researcher
Giuliana Raffaella Longworth

Giuliana Raffaella Longworth

Pre-doc under contract

Group work areas

  • Physical activity and health in specific populations (Director: Dr. Maria Giné-Garriga)
  • Adapted physical activity (Director: Dr. Miriam Guerra)
  • Dance and bodily expression (Director: Dr. Susana Pérez)
  • Motor and cognitive behavior (Director: Dr. Josep Cabedo)
  • Genetics and genomics (Director: Dr. Josep Sánchez)
  • Sports and performance training (Director: Dr. José Morales)
  • Prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries (Director: Dr. Azahara Fort)
  • Education, curriculum and sport (double major) (Director: Dr. Josep Solà)
  • Movement analysis (Director: Dr. Núria Massó)
  • Nutrition and health (Director: to be determined)

Projects with European funding

  • Health Cascade: Evidence-based co-creation methodology for closing the implementation gap between knowledge and action in health promotion. H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020: 2021-2024. IP of the Blanquerna Foundation: Dr. Maria Giné-Garriga; Dr. Carme Martin-Borràs.
  • Adapted Judo for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (AUTJUDO). European Comission Erasmus+ H2020 program: 2019-2021. IP: Dr. Jose Morales.
  • SITLESS: Exercise Referral Schemes enhanced by Self-Management Strategies to battle sedentary behavior. European Commission Research Horizon 2020: 2015-2020. IP of the Blanquerna Foundation: Dr. Maria Giné-Garriga; Dr. Carme Martin-Borràs, Dr. Míriam Guerra, Mr. Oriol Sansano, Ms. Marta Santiago, Ms. Kelly Ferri, Mr. Manel Font.

Projects with national funding

  • Action plan to increase sports uptake among young people at risk of developing pathologies associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Ravà Naccari Foundation: 2020-2022. IP: Dr. Joel Montané.
  • MIT AgeLab Collaboration Project: Improving Physical Activity and Social Isolation for Older Adults. MISTI MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives and “La Caixa” Foundation: 2019-2020. IP: Dr. Maria Giné-Garriga; Dr. Míriam Guerra, Dr. Carme Martin-Borràs, Mr. Oriol Sansano.
  • The Physical Education specialist in the 21st century school. Scientific and institutional collaboration project between the FPCEE Blanquerna and the COPLEFC: 2019-2020. IP: Dr. Josep Solà.
  • Intellectual Disability, Exercise and Aging. Ministry of Culture and Sport (R&D&i, DEP2017-86862-C2-1-R): 2018-2021. IP: Dr. Míriam Guerra; Dr. Guillermo Oviedo.
  • Effectiveness of an mHealth intervention ([email protected]) to reduce seated working time among office staff with Type 2 Diabetes: Randomized Clinical Trial. Health Research Fund of the Carlos III Institute (FIS PI17 / 01788): 2018-2020. Researcher: Dr. Carme Martin-Borràs.
  • Comparative analysis of the neurophysiological and biomechanical parameters of postural control in standing adults with intellectual disabilities and professional dancers in relation to healthy sedentary persons. IP: Dr. Núria Massó.
  • Study of the psychological benefits of dance practice and bodily expression among elderly persons with dementia. DEC Project and Ballant amb l’Alzheimer. IP: Dr. Susana Pérez.

Services offered by the group

The group collaborates with the following entities:

  • Jeroni de Moragas Special Education School
  • Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE)
  • Catalan Federation of Sports for the Physically Handicapped (FCEMF)
  • Ramon Noguera Foundation (Girona)
  • Sport 3
  • Granollers City Council
  • CIDIDA Foundation
  • Jeroni de Moragas School
  • Barcelona Public Health Agency – advisory
  • Catalan Institute of Aging Foundation
  • University of Vic
  • Sports Association of Accessible Sailing and Sailing for all - Mataró Sailing School
  • Sant Joan de Déu Health Park - Mental Health Services (Graduate Studies in Physical Activity and Mental Health).
  • El Mur Dansa Integrated Dance Company - the “Espais cecs” research project. Study of the contributions of dance, as a generator of well-being, in visually impaired persons.
  • Castelldefels Municipal Dance School with the DEC Dansa Bodily Expression research project, studying the contributions of dance, as a generator of well-being, in dance students.
  • Motor Function Observation Laboratory. INEFC of Lleida. Design Innovation Research Group.
  • Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute (IDIAP). Barcelona
  • Research Support Unit of Barcelona City and Lleida. Catalan Institute of Health
  • Iberoamerican Cochrane Center
  • Cardiovascular Genetics Center
  • International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
  • SANTESHI Research Group, University of Montpellier I
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan (Italy)

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