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Orthopedics master's degree students create insoles for three charitable foundations

February 6, 2023

On January 17 and 18, 2023, the students of the master's degree in Advanced Orthopedics reviewed and created templates for members of the Ared, Gavina and Pere Mitjans foundations.

 màster en Ortopèdia Avançada

This is the third edition of this initiative, which involved 32 students of the master's degree in Advanced Orthopedics and 8 professors. It is a practical activity that approaches the students' training experience from a humanitarian and social standpoint.

The patients who took part have various pathologies. Some of the patients required insoles intended for sports practice; insoles were also created for pediatric, neurological and geriatric patients.

The Ared Foundation offers comprehensive support to people at high risk of vulnerability, especially women from prisons or social services, facilitating their entry into the labor market. The Gavina Foundation provides care for children with psychosocial or socio-family difficulties. The Pere Mitjans Foundation offers support to people with disabilities to enable them to carry out their life project as independently as possible.

This initiative is a wonderful opportunity for practical training for the students of the master's program and an improvement in the well-being and health of the participants. We would like to thank the three foundations for their collaboration!.

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