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FPCEE - Laura lopez logopeda

Meet speech therapist Laura López, technical director of the applied psychology centre Kinderapia

April 18, 2023

Laura López Blanco is a speech therapist, Blanquerna alumni and technical director of the Kinderapia psychology, speech therapy and early care centre. She is responsible for coordinating the team and carrying out reception, diagnostic and treatment visits to families, as well as managing social networks. She also works at the Saint Nicholas School to help students with language, speech and learning difficulties.

She graduated in the class of 2015 with the bachelor's degree in Speech and Language Therapy from the Blanquerna-URL School of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences. Her training includes the likes of university specialisation diploma in Speech Therapy Intervention in Voice Disorders (2017 graduating class) and the inter-university master's degree in Communication and Language Disorders (2020 graduating class).

As can be seen in her CV, Laura places great value on training, which she says enables her to learn and "have a holistic vision", and she hopes to be able to do her PhD one day. Her training at Blanquerna has opened many doors for her, given that, as she states, "since I graduated I have had the opportunity to take part in amazing projects that have been highly enriching for me".

At the end of her studies, during her first few years as a professional, she formed part of teams comprising various profiles on augmentative and alternative communication and the new technological tools available to us. One of the best experiences he has had was taking part in the Voiceitt research project at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which developed an application for mobile devices and tablets for patients with dysarthria and other users with other pathologies involving oral communication problems. This application, which is regarded as revolutionary by the industry, transforms unintelligible speech into intelligible speech and has received a series of awards such as the Microsoft Al For Good award.

Laura is extremely active on social networks and champions them as a space for professional exchange: “I like to spend some time searching for and preparing materials for the sessions and sharing them with other professionals. It is really rewarding because thanks to this I have been able to meet professionals from many parts of the world”. If you would like to get to know her a little better, you can visit her profiles on social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Profiles like Laura's help to highlight the discipline of speech therapy and the approach to patients in a dynamic, fun, contemporary way and, above all, based on scientific evidence.

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