Research and dissemination

In the Blanquerna-URL Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences, research is governed by the General Research and Doctorate Plan (PGRiD) which is approved every two years by the Management Team and serves as the basic instrument for planning, promoting, guiding and disseminating the research conducted in the Faculty.
The Faculty works to project its research in society, connect it to post-graduate programmes and promote doctoral theses by awarding grants to doctoral students and financial aid to the faculty to write their theses.
The Faculty’s research goals include the following:

  • To increase the number of recognised research groups within the SGR call for participation.
  • To provide support for research groups so they can carry out their projects, especially by stimulating and facilitating their participation in the different calls for participation for financing and/or grants.
  • To promote the policies of research results and their dissemination, especially through publications in indexed journals, as well as papers at congresses and other venues.
  • To encourage partnerships with other research groups and institutions.
  • To help faculty to carry out intensive research.

Fields of research

  • Psychology 
  • Education Sciences
  • Physical Activity and Sport Sciences



Secretary of Research 
Montse Casanovas
T. 93 253 31 18