Length of program 1 any
Timetable De dimarts a divendres 9.00 a 17.00
Credits 20 ECTS
CoordinationDra. Berta Vall; Dr. Jaakko Seikkula; Enric Garcia Torrents
Application Oberta

Modality On-site

Transversal competences

  • Personal and professional self-reflective capacity.
  • Management of information in a reflective way to transform it into applicable knowledge in the processes of professional improvement and innovation.
  • Being able to assume responsibilities and make decisions in the management of therapeutic interventions following a dialogical approach.
  • Integration of ethical values in one's own professional conduct, and in the management of therapeutic interventions.

Specific competences

  • Know how to analyze Open Dialogue in the context of other psychological theories.
  • Master the terminology and concepts of Open Dialogue.
  • To be able to apply Open Dialogue techniques in clinical contexts.
  • Know how to establish a horizontal therapeutic relationship.
  • Be able to generate structural changes in one's own mental health center.