Open Dialogue university expert degree: foundation training

Length of program 1 any
Timetable De dimarts a divendres 9.00 a 17.00
Credits 20 ECTS
CoordinationDra. Berta Vall; Dr. Jaakko Seikkula; Enric Garcia Torrents
Application Oberta



This university expert degree aims to provide graduates who wish to have professional training in the field of mental health a way to specialize in Open Dialogue. In particular, the degree is aimed at mental health workers who want to acquire new tools for dealing with the most severe crises. In this course, students will be trained as Open Dialogue practitioners, learning to apply Open Dialogue to the treatment of psychosis and other severe mental crises, and to design, develop and evaluate Open Dialogue processes in different professional mental health and social care contexts. This program is supported by the Finnish group that developed the Open Dialogue approach, with Jaakko Seikkula and Anni Haase as the main teachers.

This degree in Open Dialogue is endorsed by Dialogical Partners.


Target audience

This degree is aimed at professionals working in mental health and related areas (psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, social workers, educators). A university degree in the field of health sciences is required. Experience in mental health is an asset. The coordination of the course will carry out the admission process of the students, after analysis and evaluation of the candidates. Preference will be given to groups of workers from the same mental health center.