Doctorat Psicologia
Length of program 3 years
CoordinationCoordinador adjunt: Dr. Jordi Segura (
Application open


1. To train qualified researchers in the scientific field of psychology, as well as competitive professionals.

2. To offer a quality PhD programme based on principles of epistemological, conceptual , and methodological coherence, and oriented towards knowledge and research on psychological processes in different contexts and settings.

3. To promote the dissemination of research papers and ongoing theses via participation in conferences, scientific forums, and relevant publications in this field of study.

4. To enhance mobility and internationalization of trainee researchers, as well as participation in research networks.

5. To produce highly-competent studies in the lines of research promoted by the research groups in the Department of Psychology.

Basic competences

1. Systematic comprehension of a field of study, and command of research skills and methods connected to this field.

2. Capacity to conceive, design or create, put into practice and adopt a substantial research or creation process.

3. Capacity to contribute to expand the frontiers of knowledge via original research.

4. Capacity to carry out critical and assessment analysis, and synthesize new and complex ideas.

5. Capacity of communication with the academic and scientific community and with society in general about the corresponding fields of knowledge in the usual forms and languages in these contexts.

6. Capacity to promote, in academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic, or cultural progress within a knowledge-based society.