Length of program 4 years
Timetable morning
Internships compulsory
Credits 240 ECTS
Application Pre-enrolment closed


Final degree project1212


Module: SubjectAcademic typeCredits
Semester: Seventh
Theology and didactics of the Catholic Religion (DECA II)Optional6.00
Didactics of visual and plastic expressionOptional6.00
Degree Final Project IFinal degree project6.00
Linguistic skills for the teacherOptional6.00
Children's literature, plurilingualism and multiculturalism in the classroomOptional6.00
Teaching resources and management of the additional language classroomOptional6.00
Technology and musical cultureOptional6.00
Voice and body, elements of production and musical expressionOptional6.00
Didactics and methodology: sound and hearingOptional6.00
Students with specific educational support needsOptional6.00
Difficulties and learning disordersOptional6.00
Technology as a tool to help educational inclusionOptional6.00
Pedagogical basis of the comprehensive education of sportOptional6.00
Physical education and its didacticsOptional6.00
Organization of educational activities in the environment of nature and leisureOptional6.00
Semester: Eighth
The scientific activity Experimental sciences and social sciencesOptional6.00
Design of teaching materials and digital learning environmentsOptional6.00
Society, family and educationBasic6.00
Degree Final Project II: englishFinal degree project6.00
Educational innovation in the teaching and learning of the additional languageOptional6.00
Creation, improvisation and directionOptional6.00
Students with special educational needsOptional6.00
Programming and planning of physical educationOptional6.00
Didactics of written language and literatureOptional6.00
Practicum III: ethics, deontology and professional competencesInternships18.00
Among the elective courses we offer are the Modules required to fulfil the DECA (Ecclesiastical declaration on academic competence) itinerary.