STREAM: Society, Technology, Religion and Media


Society, technology, religion and media are key aspects of the world today. The interrelation of these elements provides possible responses to many of the issues of the future. Increasing technological innovation has brought glocalization, hyperconnectivity, and has overcome the limitations of time and space; it even raises new possibilities as to what it means to be human. This era of progress and communication coincides with and contributes to mass migrations caused by a range of different factors. The movements of populations around the planet lead to the creation of plural, diverse, multicultural and multi-religious societies, and this gives rise to new political, social, and communications challenges. In this environment, the media has a key role in providing and disseminating information, but the variety of ways they conduct their activities as they discover new business models in the digital space is not always entirely ethical. For this reason, the analysis provided by the humanities must make its presence known.

STReaM (Society, Technology, Religion and Media) researches, disseminates and encourages training in order to provide responses to these challenges. The presence of religion in the research carried out by STReaM is unique to Catalonia and leads the way in the South of Europe. The group is based at one of the leading research centres in the field, the Blanquerna Observatory of Communication, Religion and Culture.