GRECPRP: Research group in advertising strategy and creativity


Josep Rom, PhD. Principal investigator.

  • creativity and innovation
  • smart cities
  • strategic planning on advertisement

Eva Santana, PhD

  • strategy, creativity and media
  • branded content and branded entertainment
  • stereotypes and sexism on advertisement and PR

Jordi Botey, PhD

  • advertising and public relations
  • electric transport and sustainability
  • media audiences and strategies
  • hbbtv and advertising

Cristina Martorell, PhD

  • brand communities
  • social media 
  • branded content

Nina Suriñach. PhD candidate

  • strategy on advertisement
  • smart cities and citizen participation
  • social and sustainable communication 

Joan F. Fondevila. Professor of Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing. His line of research revolves around digital journalism, telecommunications and broadband, Internet, HbbTV and social networks. He has published numerous books and indexed scientific articles on communication, telecommunications and social sciences. He is the director of the Center for Studies on Cable (CECABLE) and has received various awards for his scientific activity.

Kathy Matilla. Strategic consultant. Strategies in Management and Corporate Communication, communication strategies, the role of the board of directors. Main lines of research: 

  • Corporate communication and strategic communication
  • Communication strategies, the role of the dircom
  • Undergraduate and graduate university teaching on public relations.

Giorgia Miotto. Vice Dean of Business and Innovation at Blanquerna. Professor of Marketing, Business Management and Corporate Communication at Blanquerna. She has been a member of the Executive Board of the United Nations "Global Compact Network" and PRME (Principle of Education in Responsible Management) Main line of research:

  • The relationship between CSR strategies, new media and legitimacy towards interest groups.

Marc Polo. Director of the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing at Blanquerna - Ramon Llull University & Strategic Consultant in Nivoria. Main lines of research: 

  • Communication;
  • Education, training, finally
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Multimedia and audiovisual documentation
  • Web 2.0 and social networks

Eduard Vidal. Professor at Blanquerna and consultant in brand management, product management, marketing and innovation for international FMGC clients (Markets: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Russia). Main lines of research: 

  • The creation of consumer identity
  • Brand 
  • Symbolic consumption and meaning.

Sandra Vilajoana. Coordinator of the Degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing at Blanquerna. Expert in advertising law, information law, advertising strategy and public relations strategy. Main lines of research: 

  • Economy, business and digital transformation,
  • e-learning, work and employability,
  • Sustainable management 
  • Occupational health and well-being

Enric Ordeix. Director of the Degree in Global Communication Management at Blanquerna and President of the Global Communication Institute, an association of fifteen universities around the world. Main lines of research: 

  • Strategy and creativity
  • Audience analysis
  • City branding.