GRECPRP: Research group in advertising strategy and creativity


Media coverage in contemporary society requires companies and institutions to pay attention to the way they communicate with their audiences. The uncertain economic environment, and the profusion of cultural changes (globalization, disintermediation, fragmentation of identities...), imply that we face major challenges when managing corporate communication, and channeling creativity, talent and innovation. Placing the consumer at the center of the debate on these changes could be the key to increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and public relations. Their perceptions and needs should determine the materialization of sustainable and socially responsible consumption ideals.

With a focus on sustainability culture, the work of the research group Strategy and creativity in advertising and public relations looks into the areas of creativity, analysis of audience behavior and the study of brand identity development processes. The goal they set themselves is to provide answers to questions such as: can creativity and originality be guided towards usefulness and actionability within companies and organizations? Which parameters help to measure and manage their effectiveness? How can tacit knowledge be described and conveyed, in order to connect organizations with audiences?