DIGILAB: Media, Strategy and Regulation


The interactivity made possible by information and communication technology has created new opportunities for journalism and the formation of public opinion, but it has also raised concerns. In terms of opportunities, the internet encourages citizen participation in public affairs and the improvement of political decision-making. Moreover, new journalistic languages and narratives are likely to strengthen audience engagement with the media. On the other hand, the internet causes concern as it fragments audiences, puts good and bad journalism on the same footing and polarizes positions. Moreover, general internet consumption practice has caused a crisis in the business model of the communication industry.   

Against this background, the Digilab: Media, Strategy and Regulation research group provides a laboratory of ideas to encourage innovation in communication media and citizen participation in the digital public sphere. The objective is to contribute high quality research to the public and academic debate, research which is rigorous and firmly based on solid theoretical and empirical foundations.

Digilab has three broad interdisciplinary research areas:

  • Media and technology
  • Audiences and appropriation dynamics (engagement, agency, reflexivity...)
  • Media pluralism, media, internet and human rights.

The Digilab: Media, Strategy and Regulation website can be found at: www.digilab.cat