Introduction to International Relations and Global Communication Management (for pre-university students / bachelor students) ONLINE

Length of program 24 hours. Week 1 (13 - 16 July)) and Week 2 (20 - 23 July) 2020
Timetable 10:00 to 13:00
CoordinationJoan Bosch
Price 300€

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This course has the aim to introduce young students into the academic and professional field of International Relations and Global Communication Management. The course will go through an intensive overview of the basic concepts and ideas of international politics, economics and law to understand the current international system; the main topics of the current international agenda (security, development, climate change, migration, SDGs, etc.); the application of these concepts to communication management, corporate governance, public relations, and global NGOs, public institutions and organizations reputation and legitimacy management. It is a perfect landing programme for International Relations degree and Global Communication Management Degree.

The course will be held ONLINE.

Learning point

  • How to approach the analysis of the complex international system
  • How to combine the knowledge from politics, economics and law to improve your practical understanding of current international events
  • How public (governmental) and private (NGOs) institutions work in the field of International Relations
  • The basics of the global communication
  • Global branding and Communication management


Week 1: from 13 to 16 July (you can attend to Week 1 +  Week 2 programme, or just one of them)

The first week will be focus on the introduction to these topics:

  1. International Relations studies
  2. International Political, Economic and Legal Structure
  3. Conflict analysis
  4. Climate change
  5. Terrorism
  6. Migration
  7. Professional careers in International Relations

Monday 13/7

  • What are International Relations ? (Prof. Federico Guerrero)
  • International Relations: from History to the 21 Century. (Prof. Mariona Lloret) 

Tuesday 14/7

  • International Current Events: from Fake news to Quality Analysis. (Prof. Valeria Bello) 
  • The world of diplomacy. (Prof. Hiba Hassan)

Wednesday 15/7

  • Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Challenges of the Pivot to Asia. (Prof. Irene Martínez) 
  • International Peace and Security: How to analyze conflicts? (Prof. Albert Caramés)  

Thursday 16/7

  • Multilingualism as a tool for International Relations. (Prof Cat Otey)
  • Professional Profile and Job Opportunities in IR. (Prof Mercè Kirchner) 

    Week 2: from 20 to 23 July (you can attend to Week 1 +  Week 2 programme, or just one of them)

    The second week will be focus on the introduction to these topics:

    1. Social Science and Communication
    2. Trends in Global Communication
    3. Reputation and brand management
    4. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Monday 20/7

    • Humanities in Global Communication Management (Prof. Miguel Dos Santos Franquet)
    • Principles of Global Communication (Prof. Antoni Castells) 

    Tuesday 21/7

    • Storytelling and Corporate Narratives (Prof. Bart De Vries) 
    • Trends in Global Communication (Prof. Enric Ordeix)

    Wednesday 22/7

    • Fundamentals of Strategic Communication and Public Relations (Prof. Enric Ordeix
    • Fundamentals of Marketing (Prof. Giorgia Miotto)  

    Thursday 23/7

    • Business in Communication (Prof. Jordi Collell)
    • Global Challenges (Prof. Gregory Payne #Boston) 



    Week 1: 300 euros
    Week 2: 300 euros
    Week 1+2: 600 euros


    Prof. Irene Martínez, professor of International political economy and Seminar on Asia at FCRI, URL. 
    Prof. Federico Guerrero, professor of International Political Structure, International Relations Theories and Foreign Policy Analysis and Coordinator of the Official Master in Advanced Studies in International Affairs at FCRI, URL. Associate professor of International Relations at UAB.
    Prof. Mercè Kirchner, professor of Seminar about Current International Events and coordinator of Professional Internships at FCRI, URL.
    Prof. Mariona Lloret, Adjunct Professor at FCRI, URL and UOC.
    Prof. Valeria Bello, Associate Professor in Sociology at FCRi, URL and expert consultant on inequalities, migration and human security for a variety of international agencies and governments
    Prof. Hiba Hassan, Associate Professor in International Affairs on diplomacy and diplomatic affairs at FCRI, URL.
    Prof. Albert Caramés, Professor on Conflict Analysis, Project Development and Internship Follow-up Seminars and Co-Coordinator of the Master's degree in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies at FCRI, URL.
    Porf. Cat Otey, Coordinator of Modern Languages (English, French and Arabic) at FCRI, URL.
    Prof. Antoni Castells, professor of Principles of Global Communication at FCRI, URL. 
    Prof. Enric Ordeix, professor of Seminar about Global Communication Trends at FCRI, URL.
    Prof. Giorgia Miotto, professor of Fundamentals of Marketing at FCRI, URL
    Prof. Miguel Dos Santos Franquet, professor of Political Philosophy at FCRI, URL