Màster en Estratègia i Direcció de Relacions Públiques

Master's degree in Strategy and Direction of Public Relations

On-line Application
Length of program 1 year
Timetable Monday to Thursday, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Credits 60 ECTS
Degree DirectorDr. Joan Cuenca
Price 6800€

With the support of:

The University Ramon Llull, in the top 125 in the world in Social Sciences and Management

The University Ramon Llull, in the top 100 of graduate employability, according to the Times Higher Education rankings


The main aim of the Master’s degree in Public Relations Strategy and Management is to provide students with administrative and management skills and to develop their capacity to innovate, research, and employ critical thinking and strategic planning within institutional, corporate or commercial contexts. While a key element of the  program is creativity, the Master’s also focuses very particularly on measuring the results of public relations activities.

The Master’s in Public Relations Strategy and Management treats public relations as a discipline that caters for a range of key audiences in a wide variety of different contexts. It provides the knowledge and tools needed to be able to think in terms of strategy and to take decisions relating to the following areas: advice on corporate identity and image; proactive management of potential conflicts (so-called issues management); lobbying and social responsibility; the design of internal communication and digital PR programs; and lastly, public affairs and the organization of corporate or commercial events.   

The Master’s draws its inspiration from international trends and complies with the highest academic standards and the most demanding professional needs. Moreover, it follows the guidelines set by a number of recognized institutions, including the European Communication Monitor (ECM), the European Communication Professional Skills and Innovation Programme report (ECOPSI)  and the Global Alliance.

Main aims

  • To provide a specialization in Public Relations.
  • To provide students with skills in social sciences research and applied research for companies and organizations through training in principles, public relations audits, online reputation metrics, and the use of monitors and markers.
  • To enable students to design a professional public relations program for an organization in any type of industry or sector.
  • To provide instruction in specific techniques for designing one-off campaigns in any public relations area or specialization, such as events, sponsorship, digital PR, etc. as well as in in-house and corporate social responsibility communication, etc.
  • To enable students to take strategic decisions in digital PR by training them in results-oriented administration and management, in new technologies such as social media, and in analysis of conventional and big data.
  • To provide students with skills in the following strategies: relational communication, negotiation, creation of coalitions (e.g. corporate networking) lobbying and proactive issue management, and to learn how to research possible future scenarios in order to prevent or minimize conflicts between companies and the social actors with whom they interact.
  • To develop a command of influencing mechanisms so as to promote, defend or modify behaviour and thus preserve the interests of the company and its users.
  • To provide students with skills in persuasion in order to bring about convergence between the interests of the transmitter (the organization) and the receiver or receivers (the audiences) within as even-handed a context as possible and using ethical and truthful methods.

Professional focus

  • Course delivered by renowned professionals and recognized experts in the field.
  • Close communication and practical collaboration with organizations, associations, companies, and institutions.
  • Internships in companies and institutions in the sector.
  • The Master’s program also encourages networking which provides knowledge of the sector and professional openings.

Excellent training

  • The Master’s program is delivered by highly qualified Spanish and international academics and by working public relations professionals from a range of different organizations, all of whom have an advanced understanding of the discipline, the latest trends, and the demands of society and the market.  
  • Supported by the Blanquerna alumni network.